This isn’t a story, but I just want to say that I won’t be doing any more stories in Maira & Aairah Adventures. I mean, first of all it sucks, second of all… something happened. okay, toodles!

Maira & Aairah Adventures–Chapter 2: The Wishing Well

“Saved by the bell,” Maira whispered, grabbing Aairah’s hand and running to the hills, far off from everywhere else. Aairah nearly tripped on her shoelaces.     Maira and Aairah had pretended to attend the school in that little village in the center of Paris. They needed to see what that little boy was up to….

Maira & Aairah Adventures–Chapter 1: Cotton-Candy Clouds

“Come on, Maira!” Aairah shouted over the roaring wind. Maira held her hand as they both headed up the river on the raft. “We need to stop this raft before it falls over the waterfall!” “You’re right.” Maira grunted as she jumped with Aairah onto the muddy ground. “Yuck,” they both said in unison. Laughing,…