The Annoying Asterisk: CoronavirusšŸ˜±

Disclaimer: This story is for a fun read. It’s not going deep into how dangerous the coronavirus is or any sickness or anything. It’s just a funny story, but if you are very sensitive to these sort of things, I recommend that you click out of this story.

Aairah Baig

Yes! A day off from school tomorrow! Now I can sit back and relax with a mug of hot chocolate. Well, since it’s election day, I guess I’ll hit on the news. But I feel like something’s missing… oh, right, I almost forgot about the batch of cookies I was baking! Oops!

*Um, Aairah… not to be disruptive of your valuable time, but… THE OVEN IS ON FIRE.*

What? Asterisk, what did you do?

*I-I didn’t do anything!*

I told you to keep watch!

*Yeah, well, I got a little distracted…*

Distracted? You love baking in the kitchen!

*Yes, well, you put up the news and it was mentioning the coronavirus and I got pretty scared and so I started imagining all of the possibilities that could happen if I got sick because if I got sick I could catch the virus and if I catch the virus I could die and if I die thenā€”*

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Asterisk, what do you mean? You’re just a thing, you’ve never gotten sick! And besides, we have enough medical insurance and doctors around to help you if you got sick! But that has nothing to do with the baking!

*Yes, it does! What if during the election one of the candidates sneeze or cough or wheeze and then they hack and then they choke and then they have to be rushed to the hospital on a stretcher by the ambulance and they find out that he has the coronavirus and that they all have to cancel the election andā€”*

Seriously, Asterisk. What has gotten into you today? What you’re saying is absurd. I mean, seriously, that’s not how election day works. He’d just be outta there, and… well… ta-ta it’d be for that guy. And they’d either know ahead of time or be better prepared! Anyways, how could they get it so suddenly? Gosh, darn, Asterisk, you’re killing yourself today.

*Hmph. I’m still nervous. You’re not that good at helping me through this, Aairah!*

Well, you’re not the only one who’s come to me with such absurd fears of what the coronavirus could put an affect on you! There are serious germaphobes in my school, Asterisk. Trust me. It can get on my nerves sometimes, how much they squirt handsanitizer on their hands.

*Hey, that’s a good way to keep me from catching a cold and maybe, sooner or later, the virus!*

Asterisk! It contains chemicals! If you put to much on your palms, you can fall sick! And by the looks of it, you wouldn’t want that happening anytime, would you?

*Well, alright, I guess not… but you have to admit, those ‘germaphobes’ are pretty smart! Oh, and also, the kitchen just caught fire.*


to be continued…

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