shekhu stories: he got bit by another cat

It was December 20th, 2019. It had been one of the best days I had had in a long time. Our classes held a ‘Grinch party’, where we would sit down and watch the Grinch movie while we get served cups of fresh punch with sugar on the rim and maraschino cherries on top. There was a big platter of icecream, too, and everyone got their own bag of cheddar popcorn. But for me, I decided to just help out the whole time, and it happened to be a blast.

I mean, it isn’t everyday when you see students walking down the halls in the middle of the day, carrying dirty bowls and spoons to the staff room to scrub and rinse! In fact, my best friend Anuja and I decided that we would stay indoors for so long cleaning the bowls so we could miss recess (we girls despised recess)! It was actually really fun! We decided, though, midway through recess, that we should get going in case we get caught. But when we retreated to our classrooms, while Anuja got her coat, mine was locked inside my classroom! We both laughed it off and claimed it an excuse.

See what I mean? The day was bizarre yet a total blast. Well, most of the day. I was pretty hyped up with loads of energy, so much that I felt like a blown-up balloon! We were going to travel to Toronto that day. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to have a break from school for two weeks straight?

Unfortunately, my dream getaway didn’t exactly go as planned. Let me start from the beginning.


I was practically skipping as I weaved through the long path that I had to walk everyday to reach my house. I saw my dad’s car parked nearby. Actually, they were supposed to pick me up at 2:00, but they never did, didn’t even leave a note, and let me fly through the whole day. See, we were supposed to drop Shekhu off at a pet hotel. He wouldn’t be able to stand a five-hour trip without throwing up less then ten times! One single trip to the vet, and he had thrown up all over the car seat. Didn’t go well.

Now, I bounded up to the car and swung the door open happily. I expected to see Shekhu sitting there in his carrier, staring at me with his big, round green eyes, but he was nowhere to be seen as I stumbled inside. Once I closed the door, everything changed.

“Why didn’t you guys pick me up before school ended? What happened?” I asked nervously, chewing my chocolate-brown hair. “And where’s Shekhu?” My balloon was still overblown, but their must be more than one nervous balloon out there, right?

My mom shifted in her seat. She was in the driver’s seat, for once. I was already sucking on a candy cane in the back before she answered. “Okay, so, something happened,” she started, but my dad let up a hand.

“Not now, Soni. Let her get settled and then.” He looked irritated, but I could see worry stretched across his forehead.

My mom ignored him. She turned to face me in her seat. “Aairah, we would have picked you up from school, but before we were going to go, we had let Shekhu outside. Then, when we went to find him, he came back limping. Really, really bad. Some animal had bit him, it seemed. So we took him to the vet. Now we are going to pick him up and…”

I know she had said more, but it was automatically muffled as questions started to swirl in my head and I tried to fight off the tears burning in my eyes. I just chorused a million questions at once—”Who bit him? Why’d you let him out? How’d you find him? Where’d you find him?”—and burst into tears.

My mother had been saying in between my questions, “See, this is why we didn’t—hey, he’s okay!” she said suddenly when she had noticed my balling tears. My sister tried to say something too, but truth be told, the rest of what happened was a blur. We went to the vet to pick up Shekhu, and my mom was right. He had a bite mark on his left front leg, and they had to shave off his fur there. It was horrid.

But that’s not the worse part. When we came home and let him out of his carrier, he wouldn’t budge. When he tried to walk, it was like he was a lizard. It was frightening. It was weird. It was horrible. And I was scared. He was sedated. He wouldn’t blink, and when he did, they were long and slow, like a sad puppy. He cried. I let his chin rest on my hand for at least twenty minutes straight. He wouldn’t sleep. He wouldn’t eat. He just kept staring off into the distance, goodness knows where.

So, of course, being the good sister I am, I decided to make him a get-well trifold.

This picture isn’t the finished trifold. I added a few more stuff, but I don’t have a picture of the whole finished one. LOL! Do you like it? Oh, I have an idea! I will upload the ‘Get Well, Get Well’ poem, so you can read it better. It’s a pretty childish poem, but it’s funny… I think….

He got well soon enough. I think my trifold really did something! Well, now, his fur grew back, of course, and he’s good to go. We also figured out that another cat had bit him, and their nails got stuck in his fur, so that was another problem we had to go see the vet about. The only problem is… we don’t know who the culprit was.

Do you think I should make a Shekhu Story on this in Shekhu’s perspective?

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