Story 8 of The Cat Trap: The Battle (A.K.A. The Finale)

I don’t understand,” Igor mumbled for about the hundredth time since I explained everything to him. “I was just out back in the woods today, for, like, hours, when I came across this puddle and this… this note!”

“I’ve already recruited all of your cats,” I explained with a sly smile. “Would you like to join my…”

I thought of a name for our team.

“Would you like to join the Breed Breakers?”

I mean, there are different types of breeds in our team…

“Of course, but…” Igor looked at the note, narrowing his eyes. “But what about your friends—”

“Lead me back to where you found that note,” I interrupted. I suddenly realized what I had said. “I—uh—please?”

“Let’s go, Kitty.” Igor rolled his shoulders, stuffing the note in his pocket and already walking towards the hills behind his house. “Fastest route,” he added.

We hiked—or so it was called—for hours and hours and hours, not finding anything, until, finally, I scented pawprints. “There!” I immediately spat.

We raced down the dirt path, Igor running after me as I chased the scent through the forest. I kept running, not even looking to my sides, when, suddenly…


Our heads jerked to our left, and we ran full-speed towards a hungry-looking Toaster, a worn-out Decks, and a supersonic-smiling Gretchen.

“Oh my goodness, guys, are you alright?” I asked, licking all of there faces. Igor smiled, delighted.

“Let’s go, guys… I should call somebody to pick—”

“NO!” Toaster and I shrieked. “There are wanted posters of us. We can’t take the risk!”

“They’re right,” Gretchen agreed, still staring non-stop at me. I smile at her.

“I’m so sorry, guys, I—”

“No, stop,” Decks automatically interrupted. “It… it was our faults.”

Gretchen and Toaster nodded in agreement. Suddenly, Toaster froze.

“Can you understand me?” He asked quietly to Igor as they hurried down the path.

Igor nodded as Toaster shuddered.

“It’s okay, Toast Sandwich,” Gretchen assured him, “He can understand all of us.”

“Toast Sandwich?” Igor and I asked at the same time.

“Oh, I made fun of him since he’s never tried a sandwich, and his name is Toaster.”

“You’ve never tried a sandwich?” I asked, totally shocked. “You have to. They’re insanely…”

“Okay, can we just get into the part of why you guys actually came here?” Decks asked, saving Toaster by the second. I smirked.

“Well, I teamed up with the cavern cats and Igor—”

“Oh, well, that again,” Toaster groaned.

I ignored him. “—so, I was wondering… actually, no—you guys are the main stars. There is no way you can decline this offer. Of joining. To save Kayla.”

“Girl,” Gretchen finished.

“I’m, like, two now in human years! I’m not that tiny.” I turned away from Gretchen as everyone burst into laughter. “Whatever. Now, decide quickly!!!”

“I would never take down an offer to battle with my best bud,” Gretchen responded, smirking. “Ever.”

“Me two,” Toaster jumped in.

“Me three,” Decks added.

“Well, great! The team name is Breed Breakers—” I started.

“Wow.” Toaster rolled his eyes, and Gretchen elbowed him in the face. “Whoa, easy there. Ow.”

“Now all we have to do is wait for midnight.”

At Midnight…

“I figured out where his lair is,” Igor said as the Breed Breakers huddled in the cavern, beside Igor’s computer. “Archie, Toaster, Gretchen, Decks, Hector, Coal, Whiskers, Liz, Twix, Caesar, Snipes, Katniss, Pearl, Venus…”

“Continuing?” Whiskers asked, raising an eyebrow. I burst into laughter, followed by my team.

“Just follow me. Archie, you’re my guide.” Igor winked at me. “Let’s head out.”

We headed out into the yard, up the hill, down some fields, passed several country homes…

“Archie, you’re the only one allowed up her with me! No distractions,” Igor added as Gretchen trotted up to me. I giggled as she slumped. “Alright, sniff this, Archie!”

Time seemed to stop once everyone in our team stopped moving. I sniffed the fallen note from Balelo. Yes… something familiar…

“Up there, through the trees, hidden in a cave!” I blurted, not sure how in the world I knew that. “Wait—you have the handcuffs, right?”

“A gun? ‘Course not,” Igor joked. “Of course, I have the handcuffs. That was the main expectation of this battle, after all, right?”

I sighed. Wow, Igor! Not the time!

We hit the road (without any vehicle) and raced to the place I had described. I ran in front of everyone else.

While we were running, an old lady watering her plants and feeding her goats looked over at us, raising both her eyebrows in quite astonishment, and—well—fainted right there on the spot.

Oh, brother. Ha!

“Is that the cave?” Venus asked, peeking at a large, dark, deep gloomy cave in the center of all the oak trees.

“I guess…” Coal murmured. “Is it, Archie?”
               All eyes were on me. “Y-yeah,” I said with gritted teeth. “You are seriously going to regret this, Balelo and Kin.”

“Who’s Kin?” Hector asked nervously, looking at the giant, dark gray cave.

My eyes widened for a second and then softened. “She’s the person that Balelo was writing to on the note,” I explained, pushing the note that I was carrying in my mouth towards him. He read through it and gasped, along with other Breed Breaker members who were peering over his shoulder.

“That’s really incredible,” Liz purred slightly. “But… how did this all start?”

I nudged Toaster in the face. “What’s with the jabbing?” he asked, but in a cheerful sort of way.

“Toaster and I just happened to bump into each other one afternoon,” I explained. “Since then, I’ve had three best buds—Toaster, Gretchen, and Decks.”

Everyone just looked at me for a second, beaming.

“Alright, let’s hit a move on!” Igor shouted cheerfully, pumping up our confidence. Toaster looked at Gretchen, Gretchen looked at Decks, and Decks looked at me.

“Giddy up, Breed Breakers,” I murmured as we charged straight into the cave, no strategy, no plan, just straight-up running bulls.

Right when we bulged in, large, cloaked figures loomed over us. They had dark masks and almost disappeared in the shadows of the cave. I shivered and stayed close to my friends.

“What are we gonna do?” Gretchen whispered.

“We haven’t planned this out,” Toaster added.

“We should scratch them, maybe?” Decks suggested. Everyone murmured regrets as I cooked up a plan in my head. The cloaked figures loomed over us, just about to attack when—

“IGOR, NOW!!” I screamed as the cloaked figures tried to grab Decks. He hid behind me and I covered the whole Breed Breakers team. Igor hesitated. “SERIOUSLY, IGOR!!!”

Igor raced over to the cloaked figure closest to the team. Wrestling him, he tried clipping on the handcuffs.

               “Liz and Katniss, go help Igor. Whiskers and Pearl, go get the other cloaked figure—who I assume is Kin. Snipes, Caesar, Venus, stay on emergency protocol. Hector and Coal, go help Whiskers and Pearl. Twix, you are also on emergency protocol, except stay by Igor.” I glanced at my three beaming best friends as everyone went to do their job. “And let’s go find my girl; we’ll need your flying skills, Decks.”

               Decks sneered.

               “You rock, Archie,” Gretchen whispered in my ear. “Let’s go save that girl!”

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