Epilogue of The Cat Trap

Well, you wanna play, Arches?”

I tried shaking my head, but it hurt so much. I mean, I was very old now!

Kayla reached down and stroked my fur. “It’s almost the summer between sixth grade and seventh, Arches. Let’s play somethin’!”

She looked at me sympathetically. I rubbed her hand. “You didn’t forget that I learned how to understand you from Igor, right?!”

“Oh, whoops, I forgot,” I mumbled in a scratchy voice. I mean, ever since Gretchen passed away, I’ve tuned out everything. Even my favorite Kayla.

“Igor’s the nicest,” she went on. “Saved me from those baddies. You did, too, with your crew! Mom told me that that was just a story made up by Igor. But I can understand you now, so I can know the truth!”

Kayla has learnt to talk a lot. Me? Well, I’ve learned to stop talking at all.

“Arches? You there? What’s going up in that brain of yours?” Kayla waved a hand in front of my face.

“Yeah, I did save you. Gretchen, Toaster, Decks—” I was interrupted by Mars.

“Mama! Mama!” he purred. I licked his head.

Oh, right! This was my kitten, Mars. He’s a total tiny clone of me!

“Mars, what are you doing outside here? Who let you outside?!” Kayla asked, laughing and wrestling with him. Mars’s sharp claws cut through Kayla’s skin and she shook her arm furiously. “Oh geez, Mars! Calm!”

I looked back inside the house from the window. Linda was sitting on the couch next to Max, reading a book. Max was watching baseball on the television set.

I looked at Kayla and Mars as they wrestled. How did I end up with such a lucky family to live with for so many years?

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