Story 7 of The Cat Trap: Wait, What?

Okay, so, you may think that I already did story 7 of The Cat Trap. Well… a pretty long while ago, I published the book! Yep, you can by it on Amazon now! So, I redid story 7 and I will upload the other chapters I added as well. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Aairah Baig

A few days after my birthday, I awoke with thoughts swarming here and there in my head. I hissed in resentment as I realized what was going through my mind.





And, the worst of all (seriously, I wanted to kick it out of my head), I STARTED ALL OF THIS!!! NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WEREN’T FOR ME.

Sighing, I got up and stretched my paws. What a night! I almost forgot the taste of sweet, pure, home-made, fresh-cooked tuna fish!

I don’t deserve this, I thought to myself. I put on a frown and was heading downstairs to go see Mommy Lady and Daddy—actually, I’m better. I might have grown bigger and stronger, might have grown more serious…and might have changed the “baby names” into Mommy Lady and Daddy Man’s real names.

Max and Linda.

Yeah, maybe I’m going a bit overboard—oh yeah, back to what I was saying. So, I was heading downstairs to go see Max and Lin—

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Also, I’m calling Kayla Girl, KAYLA!!!! Yes, congratulate me—I have grown bigger… disappointed?

Okay, fine, I’m just tryin’ to annoy you.

I was heading downstairs to go see Max and Linda, when I heard some quiet whispers in Linda’s room. Max slept in a different room because his new full-time job was always so loud, and he had to make calls at midnight.

I poked my head in the small crack in the door. Linda was pacing furiously, her light brown hair sticking to her forehead from the sweat. She was talking to someone on her phone.

Wondering what she was doing, I padded into the room. Startled, Linda closed the door behind me. Well, come on! I’m capable of closing doors…

I jumped on her bed, sprawling on her white sheets. Linda sat down next to me and stroked my fur.

I could hear her perfectly now.

“Uh, yeah, sure… ‘Course not.” Linda bit her finger nails. What was that person saying? It was obviously worrying Linda. “Mmmhmm… yeah, sure, Charlotte. Thanks, we’ll be there right away… we’re ready… no, Max has to meet up with police men, and I gave an excuse for staying at home and taking care of Archie.”

Linda looked at me from the corner of her eye. Tears swelled her lids.

Really? Excuse?

Something was wrong, and I was not liking it.

“Yeah, Charlotte—bye.” Linda hung up, falling beside me on the bed. “I wish I could just hang out with you, Archie. Be a cat! Life is probably so awesome for you cats, huh?”

I shook my head hysterically.

Linda’s eyes blinked rapidly. “Excuse me?”

I raised an eyebrow. Linda quickly got off the bed and ran out of the room. Great. Just great.

Quietly, I followed her into Max’s room. Whoever this “Charlotte” person was, I didn’t like her. She didn’t make Linda very happy.

And I would surely tell—oh, right. I left all of my friends behind.

Wow. Lucky me—

Or, you know what, I have something else in mind.

Once Linda had explained her “excuse” to Max, we were all in the kitchen. I waited by Linda’s legs to unlock my cat door (when was that extension ever made?!).

I crept alongside Max and Linda where ever they went, hoping they’d realize that something was different.

“Max! Linda! Guys! I know you can’t understand me, but just LISTEN FOR ONCE.”

I repeated that sentence over and over again, when, well—Max basically did realize something was up. During their bacon-and-eggs breakfast, Max dropped a small piece of bacon for me. Seriously? I mean, it was a nice meal and all, but seriously?

“’Kay. I’m leaving.” Max got up and scurried to the door with a brown briefcase. “Bye!” Max threw me some sort of… thing and threw Linda an envelope. “Stay safe.”

I watched the look of horror as Linda dissected the envelope. Biting her lip, she burst into tears. What is up with everyone?!?!

I quickly used this time to lick Linda’s hand, scurry towards the door, and, to my relief, looked at the door to see the tiny opening. I dashed out the house.

Smells clogged my nostrils as I raced down our path. I think I even saw some posters of Toaster. Wanted posters.

Poor them.

I reached my destination. Slowly but quietly, I padded up the steps to Igor’s house. The bark crunched under every one of my steps, sending chills down my spine. I creaked the door open to expose a luminous, dark, gloomy cavern and stepped in.

“ARCHIE! ARCHIE, IS THAT YOU?” A familiar voice asked, running up to me. It was a short black cat. It was grubby and stubby and just slightly pale, with lopsided fur and grey eyes. Its claws were as sharp as the piercing noise of grown dogs, glistening in the dark. Almost lighting our way.

COAL!” I shrieked, licking his face furiously. He laughed his scratchy laugh. “Where are the others? And Igor?”

“Hector’s out here somewhere… Liz is chasing some spiders… Twix is drinking water… Whiskers is sleeping…” Coal looked around the cavern. “But I have no clue where Igor is.”

“Well, shouldn’t be surprised,” I muttered under my breath. “He’s a mysterious man, you know?”

“Right… especially at the fact that he can understand cats,” Coal pointed out. We laughed for a while, and then, two white cats came out from the darkness. “Oh, these are the twins, Whiskers and Pearl.”

“Hey,” the cat with blue eyes murmured softly. “I’m Whiskers.”

“I’m Pearl,” said the other cat. Whoa, one of her eyes were, like, purple, and her other was blue. “I… have an eye problem. But we’d love to help you!”

“G-Great!” I stuttered, looking at the horrifying eyes (no offense, Pearl). “And the—”

“—Others are right here,” an orange tabby finished, trotting up with Hector (a plain brown cat with menacing yellow eyes), a Bengal, a plain orange cat, a white cat striped in grey, a plain grey cat, and another plain grey cat. Wow, lots of cats. “I’m Snipes—”

“I’m Hector…” Hector mumbled, kicking the ground. “I’m sorry, Archie—”

“I get it,” I replied quickly. It wasn’t that much of a big deal now. “But—”

“I’m Twix,” The Bengal cheerfully interrupted. I laughed at his naughty but successful attempt.

“I’m Venus,” The plain orange cat chimed in.

“I’m Caesar,” the white cat striped in grey mumbled, licking his fur. I tried not to hide a smile as I barely heard what he said.

“I’m Liz, and Katniss and I are siblings.” Then, Liz added, “But I’m older—”

“Only by a year!” Katniss hurriedly corrected. We all chuckled.

“Well, nice to meet you, guys,” I finally responded, heading to the door. “I’m glad you want to help. We’ll start going tonight—anyways, I do have a plan. But it might take a while—”

“What type of plan?” Twix asked.

I bit my lip. “I found a note for where Kayla might be. Might be,” I added as everyone released their breaths. “But I don’t think we should hold our breaths. Let’s hold onto our confidence until tonight, alright?”

Everyone nodded except for Caesar. “What if… what if we don’t find her?”


“I—uh—I… have… umm… w-we… that won’t happen, r-right?” I stammered. Caesar gritted his teeth.

“It depends—” He started.

“Nothing will happen, I promise,” Katniss assured me—and that’s when I realized: Katniss was not the youngest one in this cavern—because I was! “It’ll be fine.”

She glared at Caesar, who looked at his paws.

“Alright, I’ll go now, okay?” I started towards the door, then froze. “Don’t forget what I told you, ‘kay?”

No answer.

“I guess I’ll take that as a yes.” I trotted out of the cavern and started my short walk home.

As I padded slowly towards my destination, I saw a pair of striking blue eyes, a large, tan coat, and jet-black hair sitting on the neighborhood bench. With a body, of course.

It was Igor!

“IGOR!” I shrieked, scrambling up to him. Igor gasped and picked me up in delight. He was holding a familiar piece of paper… “What are you reading?”

“It’s… it’s a note. I found it while I was out hiking. It says, ‘Dear—”

“Wait, what?” I blurted. “How—where—when—”

“Is something wrong, Archie?”

I looked Igor directly in his blue eyes. “Yes,” I whispered. “Very, very wrong.”

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