The Diva Pup… My First Ever Story + Most Strange

Okay, so, umm… below is my first ever story I have EVER written… enjoy…? 😳

Aairah Baig

Mia Wilson came out with a rush. She had just seen the CUTEST pup in the world! “MOM! MOM! COME I FOUND A PUPPY AND WILL NAME   IT…………………………………..PENNY!” Mia says real quick. “Ok, I’m comin.” Her mom saw the tiny, cute, helpless brown puppy, and new why her daughter wanted to name it “Penny”.She did look like a dazzling brown penny. “OK. I will HAVE to agree it’s adorable, except it BARELY has fur!! But…… you may keep him.”

“Come on,Penny!” Mia shouted the following morning.Penny had been enjoying Mia’s home, “rrrr………………………arf!” He barked, and went to frolic on the field. “ don’t go barging into the thorn bushes over there, they hurt. I got a scratch from my knee to my toe.” Grandmother says, and Mia thinks, seriously, she NEVER told me that.

Catch me if you can, Dog, Mia thinks. Her spirits sank as she realizes that Penny is not following her. She calls for Penny, but still doesn’t hear her. She reaches for Penny’s favorite toy, goes inside, and yells, “PENNY! STOP PLAYING TRICKS! I’M WORRIED!” and suddenly, she hears a rumble, then something knocking on her mom’s room door…………………………….? Mia went upstairs and, once again, sees a tiny, cute, helpless brown puppy rolling right down the stairs!

Mia felt so bad, she stood still for a minute, then gave Penny her toy,  and, SUPER quick, grabbed the rolling/playing puppy of the stairs. Penny gave a low growl, and Mia took her two steps farther……….. And told her mom what happened. After that, Mia ALWAYS checked on what that dog was doing. So she made a little doggie-to-do-list:

1. Take Penny for a walk

2. Feed her a snack; water break

3. Let her(and me) “frolic”on the field

4.  Go to grandpa’s farm and introduce her to Flare, the horse

The next week, Penny went (first time) to Los Angeles, where Mia was born. Unfortunately, Penny followed these strange, as she would say, interesting smells and one day, when they were in their hotel room, Penny trotted over to Mia’s side of the bed, and there, at that spot stood still, gave her collar a shake, and left. That woke up Mia, of course. “ Penny! Why do you HAVE to act like a total diva all the time?” Mia asked, and there, Penny’s diva-ey face turned into a cute helpless brown-puppy face.

 Ya right. Like I would think you’re cute, as though everyone doesn’t really know you, Mia thought when she saw, in Penny’s eyes, mischief. “Mia, get ready FAST. Grandpa wants to see us at his farm at at least 7:00 A.M., so I was actually glad that Penny woke you up.” Mia’s dad said. Her mom was ALREADY at the farm, and her dad was just waiting until Mia got up. “You know what, Penny? I will forgive you, and I REALLY mean it,” says Mia, and she went to her closet to change.

After twelve minutes, they were in the farm. Mia greeted her grandpa, and took Penny to Flare, the giant beautiful black-and-white horse, except it turned out that Penny seemed to like him. For two more weeks they stayed in the farm, but ended out moving there. But sadly when the pup went to the vet, we realized he had a HORRIBLE disease, so he died and no one ever forgot about him, ESPECIALLY Mia. 

So actually, Mia got a new diva-ey KITTY, that was naughtier, and it had beautiful black and white fur, and that kitty was named…………………………………….Galaxy! She cared for that cat, and guess what? She taught her cat how to fly! There is a whole story behind this, but it’s up to you to complete it!


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