Beautiful (Poem)

My heart is not

One of happiness

My heart is one

Of great sadness.

I guess I went down

A solemn, cold path

A path closer to doom

A path closer to wrath.

I guess I was just being silly

But I went the wrong way

In my games

And lost my brain.

I am no more the kind of me

I used to be, the most kind.

I wish I could go back

To where I had a good mind.

But that was far back

When I didn’t have troubles

And nobody asked me

‘Are you possible?’

I wish I had answered yes

And stayed on my beautiful road

But I had low confidence

And didn’t say but no.

So I left my state of bliss

I left my pretty heart

I dropped it in the mud

Somewhere I wouldn’t miss.

So what was I to do

If then I had no heart

And I had no shelter

And I counted my sins on a chart?

What is my purpose

If I was never possible

Why am I here

If I am now a chronicle?

Now I sit and wonder,

‘What had I done wrong?’

Now I feel the urge

To redo my song.

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