The Ginger Tabby Cat

What Makes Cats So Special?

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The ginger tabby cats have a playful personality and a very nice coat that makes them elegant. They are named Orange Tabby kitten because of their looks. Many ginger tabbies, you’ll find, will have a small black freckle around the mouth area and on their nose. This is generally after the first or second years of their lives. Ginger moggies came in four beautiful coat types—spotted, classic (swirled), ticked (agouti), and mackerel (striped). Most owners of this particular type of interesting cat will say that an orange cat is very friendly with almost everyone. But as we all know, cats are unique, and obviously, they may also exhibit shyness, among other traits. However, ginger or orange moggies are generally very high-spirited and friendly. Another interesting fact is that there is no kitten with a complete and unmarked orange coat coloring. Also, the majority of orange tabby felines are male. That may explain why they are so incredibly playful.

Famous Ginger Cats

  • Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) is the cute orange star of a series of illustrated children’s books by Kathleen Hale, first printed in 1938. There is a total of 19 books in the sequence, recounting the escapades of Orlando and his feline family, with attractive illustrations and hilarious stories. Orlando’s explorations were subject to the “Children’s Hour” broadcasted on BBC’s Radio. The last book in the series of The Marmalade Cat was printed in 1972 and Kathleen Hale was granted an OBE – the most excellent order of the British empire, in 1976.
  • Orangey—This was the Ginger cat that starred in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn in 1961. This astonishing television and movie acting cat debuted in 1952 with the movie “Rhubarb” and earned the Patsy Awards in 1952 and in 1962. He also participated in “Gigot”, and in the TV series “Our Miss Brooks”.                                                                                     
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         ⬆ Orangey the Cat
  • Orion—The ginger and white feline who has a galaxy cluster tied around his neck in the film “Men in Black” from 1997.
  • Jones—In the show, “Alien,” filmed in 1979, the orange-colored kitten named “Jones” is one of two survivors of the violence on the ruined mining conveyance ship Nostromo.

Personality & Temperament

According to ginger cat enthusiasts, their orange tabby cat pets have an easygoing temperament, are happy and relaxed and quite dog-like in terms of their personality. Ginger kittens are born wearing their unique coat, looking as dapper as can be and are even particularly friendly and easygoing as kittens. In the cat world, Ginger cats are considered to be the cool kid on the block due to their happy and easygoing nature. New research findings show that ginger moggies are feline owners` favorite cats since they are thought of as lovable and friendly. Many times, white felines, are seen as distant and aloof, while Tuxedo cats and black cats are depicted as mysterious and bring bad lack, according to some folklore. Not so with ginger cats! 
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Behavioral Traits

Bold—Most Ginger cats are pretty brave and willing to approach unknown situations courageously. Being that this type of cat loves to hunt mice, boldness does help them in being better hunters.

Courageous—Their courage, which helps them in becoming great hunters, has become an inherent trait among them all, both indoors or outdoors. That’s why ginger cats don’t shy away from a fight.

Independent—Ginger cats are well known for their independence. While being independent does not mean that these cats love to stay alone, they have been known to dislike to be told what to do.

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Ginger Cats

  • Some of the ginger cats can resemble small tigers.
  • Nobody is actually sure where the nickname “tabby” came from, or when it came to be associated to this type of cat.
  • These cats are known not to have thick, dense coats.
  • They’re considered as fat cats because they love eating almost everything and from anywhere.
  • Since these tabbies are not regarded as a breed, they may be attributed to many existing feline breeds.
  • The lifespan of an orange kitten is not specific to their coloring. They have the same average lifespan as does the particular breed of felines they belong to.
  • Most orange kittens are very social cats, either they are calm and loving or busy and outgoing. Still, there are some breeds that bear orange kittens that are uninterested in human friendliness and aloof.
  • Tabby cats get their name because of their coloring patterns. Tabbies have four typical and distinct arrays of coat color arrangement. If a tabby doesn’t have one of those patterns, it is not regarded as a tabby cat.
  • The orange cat needs to have some orange coloring on its body. Most of the cats are predominantly orange; however, there are those that have whiter coloring than orange. These are rare and very hard to find.
  • Orange cats usually have a brave character. The majority of them are not excessively afraid of other animals or children and they don’t have a problem in sharing the household with other animals or dogs.

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