Maira & Aairah Adventures–Chapter 2: The Wishing Well

“Saved by the bell,” Maira whispered, grabbing Aairah’s hand and running to the hills, far off from everywhere else. Aairah nearly tripped on her shoelaces.

    Maira and Aairah had pretended to attend the school in that little village in the center of Paris. They needed to see what that little boy was up to. All they’d do was pretend that they had to get some files for their teacher, or that their teacher said to wait here, etc., etc.

    Maira and Aairah had looked those bullies in the eye as they punched and kicked that poor boy in the guts. But, with their powers, they made one of those bullies throw up right on the spot! 

    When they were done laughing like crazy alicorns, the dismissal bell rang.

 “I know. Now, all we have to do is follow that little boy to the well and stalk him like serial killers.” Aairah rolled her eyes. “What’s the plan now?”

Maira sighed, stopping mid-way. “I know that this is a lot to go through with–”

“Yeah, every since we realized that Ma–”

“Don’t say it!” Maira interrupted with gritted teeth. Aairah burst into laughter, and, a few seconds later, so did Maira. “But seriously.”

“Alright, so, where were you?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking that?”

“Oh, yeah.” Aairah smirked. “Whatever, let’s just follow William right now.”

“You know his name?” Maira looked at Aairah suspiciously, narrowing her eyes. “I think I might–”

“Come on, I can’t tell you,” Aairah puffed. “You are going to get so mad.”

“Just tell me already!”

Aairah sighed. “I’ve been going in his class to investigate while everyone was out for recess and I lied that I had to use the bathroom,” Aairah mumbled.

“Well, no biggie,” Maira responded, raising her eyebrows. “I thought that you spied on his–”

So… you’re not mad?” Aairah exhaled as they headed towards a nearby well, hiding behind trees when William looked back. “I mean… really?”

“I mean, you could have just came out and spilled it clean,” Maira whispered, kicking the grass. William’s head jerked back and he ran towards the well. The girls slowly followed him. “But we’re cool.”

“What?” Aairah whispered loudly into the cool afternoon breeze. Maira looked over to her, confused.

“Who are you–” Maira stopped mid-sentence.

Aairah was holding her UniCell, a circular calling device which had a fluffy unikitty case (Maira has a pink-haired one and Aairah has a purple-haired one), and you have to swipe the case upwards to open it. She was talking to Seraphina.

“Did you find William?” Seraphina’s voice muffled into the cell.

“Yes, we’re following him,” Aairah whispered. Maira strained to hear the conversation. “Uh-huh. Ok, yeah, sure… yeah, she’s here… bye.”

“What did she say?” Maira asked as Aairah put away the UniCell.

“Follow to our kitty content,” Aairah whispered, pulling out a string from her pocket. “She said to leave pieces of thread wherever we step.”

Aairah tore off a tiny piece of string and dropped it on the floor. Suddenly, William turned around, and Maira flaked to the back of a tree.

Maira slapped her forehead when Aairah kept looking at the string and didn’t move.

“Um, do you need something?” William asked, raising an eyebrow. Aairah nearly dropped her UniCell.

“Uh… I need… well from the water! I mean, water from well the! I mean, water–”

“Water from the well?” William asked as Aairah slapped her forehead. Maira struggled to keep her laugh inside. “Come with me, I’ll show you.”

William waited for Aairah to catch up, Maira jumping behind the nearest tree each time they moved. Maira was getting tired with walking forward and jumping behind trees.

“So… would you introduce me to your sister?” William asked, laughing and pointing to Maira behind a tree. Maira’s eyes tripled in size.

“Uh… I’m not–” Maira started.

“Oh! This Maira is sister my! I mean, this is sister Maira my! I mean, this is Maira, my sister!” Aairah rubbed her temples.

“Calm down, girl,” Maira whispered in Aairah’s ear. “What’s with you?”

“I’m no good in pretending,” Aairah whispered back with clenched teeth. “What if he–”

“Whatcha guys chatting ‘bout?”

“Sister stuff!” Aairah and Maira replied in unison. Laughing, they held hands and made a wish (you make a wish every time you say the same thing with someone else at the same time).

“I wish to finish this task in peace,” Aairah and Maira whispered under their breaths. Except, they didn’t know what the other wished for!

“Oh, right! Dang, I forgot!” William clenched his fists. “Sorry, guys, gotta run. I have piano class.”

“Wait!” Aairah shrieked, but William was already disappearing behind a building. “Well, that kid’s a bum.”

“I’m going to call Gabriel. Let’s go check out that well.” Maira pointed to the stone, old-fashioned well hidden behind a jungle of vines. “Gabriel?” Maira asked into her UniCell.

“Yes, this is Gabriel. Did you follow the boy–” Gabriel started.

“It was a disaster! William saw us, then he had to leave, and now we’re heading to the well.”

Gabriel’s sigh muffled into the speaker. “Well, go on to the well and see what it does,” he responded after a few seconds. Suddenly, he hung up.

“He said to–”

“Go to the well, I know,” Aairah interrupted as Maira tucked her UniCell in her pocket. “Come on, let’s go!”

Aairah clasped Maira’s hand and ran downhill. Hooting, Aairah and Maira fell on their sides and rolled the rest of the way down.

“This well is… mossy.” Maira touched the greasy stones. Her fingers suddenly started to glow. “Uh… what is happening?!”

“Your finger…” Aairah struggled to find words. “It’s… it’s…”
    “The Wishing Well,” Maira whispered.


“This well is the only thing you can wish with and your wish will come true. If you touch the grease!” Maira murmured something under her breath, spit into the well, and turned to Aairah. “You go.”

“I’m not so sure–”

“Come on! Loosen up a notch!”

Aairah swiped her finger across the stones and her finger started to glow. Under her breath, Aairah wished, “Let me get real superpowers.”

Lucky for those two girls, they had made the same wish!

“W-what’s happening?” Aairah stuttered, wide-eyed. Maira gasped in delight as the most extraordinary thing happened.

“Did you wish to get superpowers?” Maira shouted over the swirling wind around them. “‘Cause I did!”

“Yeah,” Aairah breathed as the wind disappeared and she suddenly disappeared.

Maira ran like the wind.

“Why am I invisible?!” Aairah shrieked as Maira laughed. “And why are you running like a crazy Pegasus who ate two gallons of tuna?”

“We earned superpowers,” Maira explained. “I had wished that you would get an invisible power and I’d get speed.”

“How come–”

“Your wish had come true, but you obviously didn’t wish for specific powers.” Maira ran around the field, a gigantic smile spread across her face.

“So… that’s it? What about William?” Aairah raised an eyebrow.

“We get three wishes each,” Maira explained, running up to the well. But, this time, she had ran normally. “We just had a little fun while we had the time.”

“Can I turn visible now?” Aairah asked, looking down at the creepy no-body under her. 

“Just think about it, you’ll be fine,” Maira explained, and, suddenly, Aairah was visible again. “Let’s make our wishes.”

Once again, the girls made the same wish–William to never be bullied again.

“Alright, shall we go?” Aairah asked, grabbing Maira’s hand. Suddenly, Aairah turned invisible while they soared through the skies. “Let’s play a little prank on the Lords of the Mysticals.”

What the girls didn’t know, was that William was hiding behind a tree and watching the girls all along.

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