The Mistake 6: Yoshi Going POOF!

This story is in Lick’s perspective.

A question you could put in the Q & A: What other perspectives are you going to write in for The Mistake?


I was so worried that I should’ve sat there on the spot. I mean, lucky for me, I wasn’t the one with the loss. Madeline was–though, what hope should I bring that she’s not mad at me?!

“Madeline…” I whispered, putting a hand on her shoulder. Her body shook wildly while she sobbed her heart out. “You should really get up now… you’ll make yourself sick.”

“Nat betrayed us, Lick!” Maddie cried. “He’s a selfish being. A total coward!”

“Hey, don’t say that,” I mumbled, looking away. Nat was my only friend ever since I met Nick. I mean, he was mean and all, but you wouldn’t call him a coward

“Guys, come on!” Marinette called from in front of us. Nick was way up ahead of her–and his face wasn’t soaked with a single teardrop.

“We’re coming,” I called back at the same time Maddie shouted, “No!”

I grabbed Maddie’s hand and pulled her to her feet while she scowled at me. Yep, scowled.  

“We’ll find Yoshi, Madeline,” Nick whispered, his voice echoing off the walls. “And how do you know it  was Nat?”

“Of course it was Nat,” Kilp interrupted. “Maddie’s right–he’s selfish and crabby.”

“Kilp!” Marinette shrieked. “You’re being such a bad influence for Maddie and Trex!”
Trex is Marinette’s son. He decided to help in finding Yoshi, so it was me, Nick, Madeline, Marinette, Kilp, and Trex.

“Over here!” Madeline called. It was then when I realized that she was way behind all of us. “This door is open–isn’t it a teleporting room or something?”

“Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be–” Nick started.

Madeline burst out crying. “But… but… b-but…”

“Oh, honey.” I sit down next to her near the door. Trex comes running to us.

“Hey, Maddie, Lila told me that it was a teleporting place… maybe Yoshi just went in there by accident?” Trex sat down with us, and so did everyone else. But I got up to go investigate.

As I walked into the room, I saw a bone chew toy on the ground.

“Look what I found!” I shouted. Everyone crowded around me. I held up the chew toy. “This must mean…”

“… that Yoshi really was teleported.”

Trex, Marinette, Kilp, and Nick huddled around Maddie. I looked up at the blue beam in the center of the room.

“Guys, look,” I whispered. Everyone’s eyes shot to the blue beam. An aurora of gasps followed.

“Blargheghtughwhr,” Maddie cried, dropping to the ground. I put a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s all gonna be fine,” Marinette mumbled to herself. With a finger on his chin, Trex looked at our group, then at the beam, then at the group.

“I think I know how to get Yoshi back,” Trex whispered. All eyes laid on him. “We’ll have to go in the beam.”

What?!” All of us shrieked. Trex looked on the bright side.

“Well, better enough, we’ll find Yoshi, right?”

“Trex! Are you nuts?” Nick hollered before Maddie said a word. I put a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged it off. “I’m not letting anybody near that beam.”

“Nick, your just saying that because you’re scared,” I told him. His face flushed. “How about two people stay back, and the rest leave?”

“One person should be enough,” Kilp suggested. “I have a feeling we’ll be leaving more and more people from here on out.”

“Kilp’s right,” Marinette agreed. “Nick, how ‘bout you stay back?”


“No offense, but you’re no help, anyways,” Kilp mumbled.

I took Maddie’s hand, she took Trex’s, he took Kilp’s, and he took Marinette’s.

“Let’s do this,” I whispered. 

And with that, we were already heading up to the blue beam.But, when we stepped into it, after we saw the smushed, worried face of Nick, we ended up in a farm with lots and lots and lots of crops.

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    Wow! COoooOoool


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