Maira & Aairah Adventures–Chapter 1: Cotton-Candy Clouds

“Come on, Maira!” Aairah shouted over the roaring wind. Maira held her hand as they both headed up the river on the raft. “We need to stop this raft before it falls over the waterfall!”

“You’re right.” Maira grunted as she jumped with Aairah onto the muddy ground.

“Yuck,” they both said in unison. Laughing, they tied their shoelaces.

“Now that we’ve escaped, there are trillions of possibilities,” Aairah breathed, twirling around to take in the wonderful sights.

“Of what?” Maira asked.

“Of what to do!” Aairah jumps in the air and points to the skies. “We should climb up that grey mountain. Then, we can see the pink sunset clouds and the birds and it would be so romantic–”

“Aairah, we are not on a TV commercial!” Maira shrieked with gritted teeth. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the girls burst out laughing.

“Yeah, yeah, but–”

“No buts!” Maira said sternly. They started laughing again. “Okay, but, seriously–even though you are my best friend, I have to disagree with you.”

WHAT?” Aairah shrieked. “Hey, Narrator, you’re catching all of this, right?”

Yes, Aairah. Now, don’t talk to me, go with the flow!
“Umm, Aairah, who are you talking to?” Maira asked, scratching her head. Aairah smiled and shook her head.

“Butterbean,” Aairah said (she gave Maira a nickname–Butterbean). “I can talk to the narrator of our story up there. You’ll understand one day.”


Tell your friend to STOP, Aairah!

“The narrator said to stop in the name of the law!” Aairah commanded with a stern face. The girls laughed again.

Well, I didn’t quite say that

Anyways, Maira had something to tell her best friend.

“Back to the other subject… we can’t have fun. Remember, we’re unikitty princesses, right?”

Maira and Aairah both high-fived. They were unikitty princesses, according to the Lord of the Mysticals.

And the Lord of the Mysticals never lies.

“Let’s go see the Lord of the Mysticals before dark,” Aairah said hurriedly, crushing both of their thoughts. They made their way, quickly and smoothly, up the grey mountain and onto the top.

Panting, the girls shouted, “Unikitty Sensation!”

The world twisted and slanted and crushed every which way. But, in no time, they had the power to grant wishes and fly. They were the two chosen ones, after all.

“Let’s fly up to the clouds,” Maira suggested. So, the two girls floated gently up to the cotton-candy clouds. Each step was like a soft, melted marshmallow oozing on a s’mores graham cracker.

And it was more mesmerizing, since the pink sky illuminated the clouds.

“Where is the Lord of the Mysticals?” Aairah whispered in Maira’s ear. They stood quietly on the soft, cushiony clouds.

“I have no clue. Shouldn’t she–”
“She and he, actually,” a gentle voice behind the girls whispered.

Maira and Aairah spun around, gasping in delight. The first time they’d been there, there was only a lady. Now, there was also a man.

“Uh… let me introduce myself.” the man bowed while almost tripping on his robe. The girls giggled. “I’m Gabriell. This is my sister–”

“Seraphina,” Aairah and Maira interrupted, rolling their eyes. “We already know.”

“Well, tough cookies you chose, Seraphina,” Gabriell mumbled, sighing. “Great for the job.”

“What job?” the girls said at the same time. Looking at each other, they laughed.

“We need you guys to go down to a small village in the center of the city of Paris,” Seraphina explained. She had real wings, bright white ones. “There’s a kid who gets bullied everyday, even though he throws a penny in a well and makes a wish everyday.”

“We’re in Paris?” Maira asked.

“Sure are,” Gabriell replied. “The star takes you anywhere, huh?”

The girls looked down at the ninja star in Aairah’s hand and laughed. 

“Oh, you gave us an easy job,” Aairah said, both the girls winking at Seraphina. “Let’s go, Butterbean–”

“Butterbean?” Seraphina and Gabriell asked at the same time, raising an eyebrow.

“Uh… whoops! Getting worse and worse at grammar,” Aairah muttered. Everyone laughed. Aairah slumped in embarrassment.

“Hold my hand,” Maira told Aairah, already reaching for her hand. They stood at the edge of the cloud. “Whatever you do, do not stop flying. We have a long way to go.”

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    OooOooOOoo cool!


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