Summer–Chapter 3: Above the Clouds

My face was soaked with tears. I felt numb and scared and betrayed. My mom was trying hard not to cry even more.

“James, this… I…”

“Honey, I can explain–”

“Oh, well, you better.”

I slowly walked backwards, and once I was at the entrance, I darted up to my room.

“Everything okay, Summer?” Marian asked, surprised as I bolted into the room and sank into my bed. I shook my head.

Marian sat on the edge of my bed as she put my folded clothes on my bed.

I took a bite of mac ‘n cheese.

“How is it? Charlotte used her ‘secret recipe’, whatever that means.” Marian took my hands in hers. “Tell me–what’s up?”

I sighed. “Well, my dad’s being a total jerk lately.”

“That’s not an answer.”

Chinzi curled up on my chest, reminding me that he was still there. I kissed his head.

“My dad is filling out a divorce sheet.”

An awkward silence settled over us like a blanket. Marian wrapped her arms around me.

“You know, you’ll still be princess either ways,” Marian whispered. I rolled my eyes. Doesn’t she realize that I want to be a normal kid and go to a normal school, not get homeschooled?!

“So what?” I yelled. “My parents are getting divorced, leaving each other, not going to be together anymore?”

“Let me just hear you out.”

“Go on. I’m listening.”

Marian rubbed her temples. “Look, if you choose to stay with your mother, your dad is no longer king and your mom is still queen. If you choose your dad, your mom is no longer queen and your father is still king. You’re Princess Summer either ways.”

“I already decided.” I took a deep breath. “I’m going to stay with my poor mother who didn’t even know that this would occur–”

Suddenly, I felt as if my ears betrayed me. I fell to the floor and pressed my ear down on it. 

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I just…hear something.”

I pressed my ear harder.

I gasp in surprise.

“I married a woman before you,” I heard my dad tell my mom. I could still hear her crying. “But, her father wouldn’t let us be married anymore. So we got divorced. Now, she contacted me that her father was dead and that we could be together again. I never told her about you, so I decided to agree.”

Marian had gotten up and was hanging clothes in my closet. “What’s the big news?” 

“Father married another woman before Mother.” I sat up, dumb-struck. I felt sick.

“For real…?” 

“I know. I… I can’t imagine how sad he was when he had to leave her–” I cut myself mid-sentence.

“Why are you sad for your dad, when he totally ditched your mother?” Marian asked, dropping me out of my haze.

“What if… what if Father’s earlier wife was my real mother?”

Marian and I froze, taking in the awful truth.

“Can I have… s-some… p-privacy?” 

“Of course.”

After Marian had closed the door all the way behind her when she left the room, I jumped up.

“What is it this time?” Chinzi groaned, stretching his paws.

“Chinzi, I know that I literally just met you, like, thirty minutes ago, but I think I have to use it.”

“Use what?”

I looked down at Chinzi with a sly smile on my face. “Chinzi, guide me!”

“Waaaaaaiiiiitt, yoooouuuu dooooon’t knooooowwww whaaaaaat yyyyyooooooouuuu’rrreeeee dooooinnggg!” Chinzi shrieks as he starts to float. He spins harshly, moving more close to my chest. And then, it happens. 

He disappeared into my chest.

CHINZI!” I shrieked, and then quickly covered my mouth. “Whoops,” I whispered.

And then, I screamed.

WHA–WHO ARE YOU?!” I shrieked. In front of me was what looked like a white Chinzi with wings.

“Jeez, Summer, it’s Chinzi,” the thing meowed, and I calmed down a bit. “But, right now, since you summoned me, I’m Azriel.”

“Okay, Azriel,” I said slowly, holding up a random book that was sitting on my bedside table. I was ready to throw it.

“Calm down, girl; remember, I can sense emotions.”

That definitely made me calm down a bit. I took a deep breath. “So, where are we–AAAAH!”

This Azriel dude literally picked me up with his teeth and now we were flying out of my bedroom! We went through the WINDOW

HELP ME!” I shouted into the moonlight. Ugh. Of course we had to go at night.

I still don’t even know where we’re going.

I only said ‘Chinzi, guide me!’ because: 

  1. I wanted to escape that awful place.
  2. I had some sort of plan of how to save my family. 

“Are we there yet?” I managed to choke out as we soared over the trees. Our palace looked so pretty from up here, but really: Don’t judge a palace by its beauty. Well, you would’ve learned it as: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

“No,” Azriel shouted over the wind. Wow, his voice is incredibly steady. “We are going to the clouds, where all our other angels are. They’ll help you turn into a fairy.”

“Umm, okay, this is all going too fast.” I tried to squirm out Azriel’s grip, but I wouldn’t budge. “I think I’m not fit for the job.”

Azriel almost dropped me. 

“Hey!” I yelled. 

“You are the chosen one, Summer,” Azriel mumbled.

“Yeah, whatever.”

I fumbled in his teeth as we went higher and higher in the sky. I screamed.
“What’s wrong?” Azriel asked, gripped me tighter.

“I’m going to stop breathing–”

“You’re special. You can breathe above the clouds.”

“You and your angel friends are really creepy.”

After about a minute or two, we were actually over the clouds.

And then we landed on them!

The clouds felt like soft marshmallows under my feet. I bounced up and down.

“Okay, come on, now,” the floating angel-cat called to me. He was far off ahead of me. 

I ran over to him.

But before I did, I took off my heels and threw them over the clouds. Yes! Now, those hurtful heels were gone.

I ran through the soft marshmallow-y fields.

“So, where are we going?” I asked, picking up some of the cloud. Real cloud! “I can’t believe we’re up here right now!!”

“You’re like all the others.”

I cocked my head at Azriel.

“We’re going to the Angel Council.”

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