Mom Poem: For Every Great Mother👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

You’ve been there since the beginning

Wow, what a cliche

Maybe I should say again

That you were there when I was gray.

There when I was born

There when I was sad

Maybe sometimes you let out a sigh

But it never meant that you were mad.

You had it in me

You really did

I took it too far

When I threw my bib.

The time that you take out for me

Is too special to cherish timely

When I am older I’ll feel cooler

Cooler, oh, cooler than a drooler.

I have never thought I’d feel this much

Oh, this feeling has been here too long

And I guess I have to take it out

For it chirps like a song.

I have to tell you, Mother,


I 💗 you.

The End

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