The Mistake 5: Woof!

This story is in the perspective of YOSHI!!!!

I’m sorry, but I had to do this

Everybody’s ignoring me. I mean, I keep saying, “Hey! Listen up!” but I guess they don’t know English. I mean, I understand what they’re saying, so… what’s the big deal, people?

“I think she’s awake.”

That was a lady named Marinette. Honestly, I think that Bowzer would be a better name for her. She keeps hurting Maddie, and that’s what Bowzer does in Super Mario Bros.!

“Umm, yeah, I am,” Maddie replied, rolling her eyes. I cocked my head and jumped on the hospital-looking bed. Maddie scratched my head. Aaaaaah. Oooohh. I leaned into her hand. “You’re such a cutie,” she whispered.

“Alright, come here, Yoshi,” Lick blurted, shattering the moment. She pulled me away and into a separate room, and my boy was there. His name was Nat.

“Aww, who’s a good boy? You are!” He cooed, scratching behind my ears. Even though I love Maddie, Nat is so affectionate towards me.

“What are we going to do? Madeline has to take him home,” Lila, a girl that I think is Nat’s ‘wife’ or something, whispered as Lick shut the door behind her as she left the room and into the room where Maddie was. 

Nat sighed. “Marinette’s giving her some shots. One of the shots make her fall into a very, very deep sleep, and she’d wake up in about a week or so. We’d have to take her back home.”

I whimpered and as Nat petted my head and cooed, I pulled away and pushed open the room door. Lila and Nat gasped. “Come back here, Yoshi!” But I was already on Maddie’s bed.

I thought that Nat was nice. I mean, he’s always so nice to me and he always gives me treats. But, he’s trying to make Maddie fall into a deep sleep?! I wouldn’t let that happen to her.

But I knew how to save her.

Nat was putting me into a deep sleep because he had to do some tests on me one time, and the colour of the shot water was greenish, but yellowish-bluish. 

So, as Marinette pulled out a greenish-yellowish-bluish colored shot water mechanism. She was about to prick it in Maddie’s skin when–

“Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff RUFF!!” I barked, and Marinette totally almost fell off of her seat.

“What is it, Yoshi?” She sighed, reaching over to pet me. I took the hint and pawed the shot mechanism out of her hands. “HEY! Bad dog!” 

I would have whimpered and put my head between my paws if it was any other day, but inside, I knew I was being a good dog. A great dog, in fact. I was saving Maddie.

The shot water spilled all over the ground as Nat shrieked, “NOOOOO!” I cocked my head as Marinette, Maddie, Lick, and Nick looked over at Nat. He fake smiled.

“Heh heh… just, you know, upset that the test shot spilled!” Nat rubbed the back of his neck.

“It’s not a big deal, Nat, she can just refill the tube. There is more water left,” Nick replied, helping Marinette get out the normal clear water tube. Yes! I saved Maddie!

Maddie called me over to her. “I know you were being a good dog. Nat did something to that tube, didn’t he? It looked way too strange of a colour than this clear one.” I licked her face. She laughed.

“Hey, um, would you mind calling my son, Trex? He was supposed to help me.” Marinette looked over to Maddie. “He’s about your age. You guys should get to know each other.”

“Um, okay,” Maddie murmured as Lick and Nick swished out of the room to get Trex. I played with him a lot, and he’s super cool. Cool and nice. He’s always comforted me when I needed it.

“Should I help, maybe?” Lila asked Marinette as she made her way over to us. Maddie pulled Marinette close as she whispered something in her ear. Marinette nodded and smiled at me, scratching the back of my ears.

“We’re okay, Lila,” Marinette responded, quickly making an injection into Maddie’s skin. She cringed.

“Hey, Yoshi, over here, boy,” Lila cooed, and I wouldn’t have listened to her if she hadn’t held up my favorite treat, a beef jerky. I jumped off the bed and chomped the jerky out of Lila’s hand. She took another one out of her pocket and dragged it into another room.

“No, don’t follow her, Yoshi!” Maddie yelled, but all I was paying attention to was the beef jerky. I licked my chops.

We were in a whole nother room now. She threw me the beef jerky and I swagged it from the air, chewing happily. 

I looked up after I’d gulped down the jerky, expecting more. But what I saw in front of me made me whimper. I wanted Maddie or Trex.

“Alright, just step in here, and then you won’t have to worry about Maddie again,” Nat whispered to me. I trotted forward, slowly, but then stopped in my tracks. How could I trust him? He almost made Maddie fall in a deep sleep. What if he was going to do that to her again, now that I would be gone?

I backed away, but ended up bumping into a wall. I whimpered again, turning around and scratching on the wall. How was I supposed to escape? Should I look for a vent to go through?

Soft hands wrapped around me and dumped me in blue mist. I felt dizzy and felt like vomiting, but suddenly, I found myself in a farm.

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