The Annoying Asterisk: Birthday Special🎁🎂🎈🎉

Urgh! Hello? Asterisk?

Well, you were the one who called me over here, so I guess I’m gonna go now–


What? And why didn’t you come sooner?

*I was… busy.*

Oh, really? With what? Plans to annoy me?

*Well… it’s a surprise.*

Mmhmm. Surprise attack, lemme guess?


Okay, umm, I kinda wanna get going home and sleep, so that tomorrow can come quicker, since it’s my birthday–wait, is that the whole surprise?

*Uh…. No, o-of course not!*

Okeeee… so why am I here?

*You… you can go…*

Seriously? A waste of my time! Urgh!

When Aairah went home…

*Ugh, these balloons won’t stay put!*

*Should I just leave them like this?*

*Yeah, she won’t mind.*


I think I hear Asterisk somewh–AAAAH!


I need to go to sleep!

*You won’t see me tomorrow, missy.*

Yes! 😨 I mean, why not?

*Because I’m going somewhere with my family.*

I can’t believe you’re gonna miss out on my birthday…

*Eh. Well, come see this!*

Why–where are you taking me? Stop, you’re pulling my shirt!
*Somewhere under the rainbow!*

You have terrible singing. Also, it’s ‘over’ the rainbow.

*Shut up.*

😡What did you just say?!

*Oh…uh, nothing.*

How rude.

*You’ll take that back once I show you what I have.*

I doubt it.

*No, you won’t.*

Maybe I won’t, but I don’t.

*Alright, close your eyes.*

I’m praying that I don’t open my eyes to throw up.

*That hurts, you know.*

Just hurry up already!

*Okay. Three… two… one… and, open up!*


*I know, right?!*

You’re a great friend, Asterisk.

*What? We’re… we’re friends?*

Maybe. When you’re not annoying, that is.


I love the balloons. And the banner. And the–(gasp)–confetti cannon!

*No, don’t–AAAH! You seriously had to fire at me?!*

All the fun, am I right?

*YES! Do it again!*

Uh, no, I am not turning into you.

*But… but…*

Come on, Asterisk! Do you want to help me shop for more birthday things or not?!


Oh, brother.

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