Shekhu–Chapter 5: Alone (Part 2)

I struggled to lick myself from the haircut. Hair was coating my body. Ugh. Why do I need haircuts? Hoomans have turned so cruel. 

Then that fly flew across my face again.

“F-f-f-f-o-o-o-o-l-l-l-o-o-o-w-w-w–m-e-e-e!” It squeaked. I tried to bat it again, but then I realized something–this was a toy!

It’s squeaky noise sounded like words. Ugh. I am so dumb. Suddenly, there was a white flash and I blinked.

“Sorry, kitty,” the lady who did my haircut whispered, a large camera in her hands. “But we need to take a photo of you to send to your family.”

I meowed and stretched my paws, delighted as she stroked my fur. “She’s never done that to me,” growled Lizzy from her cage. To myself, I thought, Probably because you’re so annoying.

The lady went away to go check on these barking maniacs upstairs (Hey, lady. You never told us why you keep us downstairs in the yucky, mucky basement!), and I turned to my other next-door neighbor. He looked like me, his name was Polaris, but he always hissed at me.

“Wanna chat?” I asked him, purring.

“Blrghledgretghrvle,” he growled. I cringed.

“Okeee… umm, you know, you wouldn’t be so lonely, because your family didn’t give you any toys,” I pointed out, sticking my nose through the bars that separated us. “We might have been meant to be friends, I mean, look at us.”

I gestured down at our bodies, my face suddenly lighting up. What if this was… Skittles?!

“Hey, have you ever had any siblings?” I asked, slowly and cautiously. 

Polaris sighed.

“Two. A brother and a sister.” He sighed again. “They meant so much to me. They both left before me, and now, I’m as lonely as ever. My mother isn’t even here.”
I gasped in pleasure. “So, um, Ski–I mean, Polaris, I have something to tell you.”


“I… uh…”

“Go on.”

“I… I am one years old! Cool, right?!”

I totally lost it. Why didn’t I just say the truth?

“You’re hiding something.”

I gasped. “How do you know?” I whispered.

Polaris-who-I-think-is-Skittles smirked. “I know you better than anyone else, Chikoo.”

No, seriously, that’s how he pronounced it.

I shuddered. “Fine. I’ll tell you the truth. I…I… it’s me, Skittles! It’s Singer!”

Time seemed to stop.

Skittles started to cry with joy.

“Oh my goodness, is it really you? I knew that you looked familiar. This is amazing!” Skittles stuck his nose through the bars and licked mine. I wagged my tail (I’m half-dog, half-cat).

“I missed you, too.” My nose was twitching by then. Suddenly, the bars in front of me opened.

“Here, kitty-kitty,” A different blonde lady cooed out to me, slowly reaching for me with her soft hands. I took a last glance at Skittles and then, out of the blue, licked the blonde lady’s face.

“Oh, what a cutie,” whispered the mom of a family as her, a dad, and two boys trailed along, as well as the other lady that I met. “Too bad this place isn’t an adoption center.”

“If it was, I’d have this one in my house already.” the blonde lady looked at me and smiled. I purred. “He really is a sweetheart.”

Before I knew it, I was taken to this whole cardboard building. It was a cat-size-perfect condo. There was a Catnip Store, where there was literal catnip toys; there was a Litter Wizard, a Sleepy Room, and the rest was just a bunch of junk. 

“Now you can play here.” the blonde lady cleared her throat. “You only get an hour, and then we have to test how you feel around Polaris. I mean, speaking of which…” She laughed. “You guys were licking each other’s noses. We have to test.”

I had no idea what she was saying, so i just licked my paw and ducked into the Catnip Store, delighted by the smell. But when I breathed the scent deep into my lungs, I felt something winding together inside of me. And then, I went crazy.

I started to bat my toys around and shake them around in my mouth. I went into my Litter Wizard room, sitting in the sand-like stuff. It made me go bonkers the first time that the mom in my family made me go to the bathroom in this stuff. So, I just sat there now, playing with the sand (since I had the catnip side effects going), when I suddenly felt like peeing. I sat still, until all of it came out. Aaaaah. This sand is pretty comfortable, actually. But I still don’t know what ‘Litter Wizard’ means. I went out of the Lizard Wizard room and up to the Sleepy Room, where there was a soft, small cat bed for me to rest in. I climbed in it, slowly and flawlessly, and I sat down with a plop! It was so soft. I started to sniff it, and, without realizing it, I laid down, slowly drifting off to sleep.

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