The Annoying Asterisk: Seaweed Drama


    Huh? What’s that?



    Okay, let me fill you in. So, there’s this Asterisk person who keeps popping up in my Shekhu stories. Have you seen those? Well, just click: to look at those stories.

    And I hate Asterisk.

    *Do you have any ice cream?* No, I do not. Now get away from moi!

    So, * is called an Asterisk. And, well, this dude’s never told me their gender or their name, so I just call them Asterisk.

    *What about Sushi?* Huh, you remind me about my friend Anuja and her seaweed that she brought to school one time. *OOOOOH, can I have some seaweed?*

    Fine. I’m calling Anuja. Oh, Asterisk, she’s saying “Okay, but why?” so what is your answer?




    Thanks to you, now she thinks that I’m the one who was screaming. She says that if I talk that way to her, then she won’t give me nothing. Too bad for you, Asterisk.

    *You. Are. SO. Gonna. Get. It. From. Me.*

    You don’t even have a body.

    *Who said that?*

    Okay, seriously, Asterisk, I have to do homework and then feed Shekhu. I mean, feed Shekhu and then do homework!

    *Why can’t that tall girl who you call Aapi but you tell your friends that she’s your sister do it?*

    Because she went to her school concert.

    *But I said sea–*

    You can shut up now, you know.

    *Why would I?*

    I have a Fancy Feast tuna fish can and I am not afraid to use it.

    *…on me to feed me? Yum!*

    Eww, gross, Asterisk! This is for Shekhu! Not you!

    *But I–*

    No buts. Now, would you be quiet if I took you to Krogers to go shopping for seaweed with me?


    Alright, let’s go (Sigh).

    At Krogers…

    So, this is the one, right?

    *No, a bigger pack!*

    But this is the one Anu–

    *I like my seaweed the way it is.*

    Come on, you already ruin my websites for me by popping up, so can’t you do one thing for me?

    *Then I won’t be quiet.*

    Fine (Sigh). But then you have to promise that you will be quiet.

    *Pinky swear.*

    Yes! I crossed my fingers behind my back, because I wasn’t going to buy this!

   *I did, too!*

    Ugh. Well, I can’t buy this. It’s too costly. And, it’s just seaweed. Let’s go home.

    *Cake, then? Cupcakes? Jolly Ranchers? Jaw Breakers?*    This is going to be a long day (Sigh).

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    lol, seaweed drama. What a name!


  2. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    BTW I don’t get seaweed from Krogers


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