A Poem For You

Several days of waiting behind a curtain

Waiting for you to tell me

That I should come out

And play my part and be a little certain.

Some of those days were filled with sorrow

Waiting for tomorrow

As daylight rises again

And a new day begins.

Because as we walk through a more steady path

You might wonder, “Oh how it lasts.”

Because time is just an invisible clock

Ticking as the sadness inside me melts aloft. 

The more the days go by

The curtain floats aside

Making small noises

As quiet as a kitten.

Just let me see

If maybe, just maybe

I can do something

That will change your act of a crybaby.

Please, I just want to let you know

That life is nothing slow

That this poem was just a note

Just to let you know

That you matter.

The End

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