The Mistake 4: Surprise, Surprise

This story is written in first person, in Madeline’s perspective.

Note: This won’t occur often.

“You okay?” Lick asked softly, taking my hand. “That was… quite a fall.”

“Yeah,” I whispered, shivering under my sweater. It was cold in the room. Though, it was very hot in that building we just jumped out of, so I was okay. “But… why is it so cold?”

“Things called Krips live down here, half shrimp half goldfish, and they need this temperature to live. Hey, don’t worry–they only live in the pond,” She added when I shuddered. It was a big pond, but there were only a few fish. “Only about one hundred of them are left in this world.”

“Oh,” I whispered, taking advantage of the awkward silence to look around the room. It was huge, and a very, very bright blue, with icicles hanging from the roof. Everywhere was blue, but there were ice sculptures of probably famous people from this world. It was actually really beautiful.

Some noise interrupted my thoughts.

“Burrruuuffff! Burrrark! Burrrarrrk!”

Lick and I whirled around, and she smiled while I gasped as I saw what I hoped wasn’t real.


“YOSHI, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU HERE?” I shrieked. “This place is not safe! Go back to safety, please!”

Yoshi cocked his head. I had to facepalm.

“Madeline, Yoshi has been here longer than you have. He’s been here many, many times to exit and do his business, and sometimes escape,” Lick hurriedly assures me, putting her hand on my shoulder. “He’s used to this temperature. And anyways, don’t you want Yoshi to come with you, to, well, your new home?

WHAT?” I shrieked. “Did you say new home?”

“Um, yes… I believe that is correct.”


Lick sighed. “Dear, you cannot go back home until your tests are  done.”


And that was that. We didn’t talk as we walked through the blue ruins. Then, Lick muttered something under her breath and a pink glow illuminated off the walls. “What did you say? And what’s happening?” I asked anxiously.

“We’re exiting the ruins.”

The glow was getting brighter and brighter by the second, blinding me faster than fast. I couldn’t believe that Lick could handle this!

“Oh no,” Lick whispered under her breath. I could barely hear her.

“Pardon?” I said, though usually I would say ‘Excuse me’, I could have pictured these people saying ‘Pardon’.

“What did you say?” Lick asked. “Never heard that word before.” Never mind–I guess they don’t say ‘Pardon’ here.

“Umm… I mean, excuse me? What did you say?”

“It’s… nothing. No sweat.” Lick started to rock climb the ice walls and mutter more and more things under her breath. And then I realized that she was reciting.


“I’m sorry, what?” Lick asked, almost falling off the rock she had been standing on. “I’m talking to the glow.”

I smacked my forehead. Why was I being so… just… well, too much? But on the other hand, Lick was being insane. “Umm… I’m not gonna ask.”


There was an awkward silence for a moment, except for the quiet murmurs of the Lick-and-glow talk, but suddenly, the glow vanished and a man appeared.

The man had long brown pants and an orange short sleeved shirt with vines curled up along his body, with shaggy black hair. At once I knew who he was and ran over to him and wrapped him in a bear hug.

“Hey, Maddie,” the man said, squeezing harder. I knew that Nick would be on my side.

“Thanks,” I whispered, sinking in to his shirt.

“Alright, now; where is she?” Lick laughed, joining us in the corner. Nick snickered.

“Oh, she’s arriving,” He said casually and, snapping his fingers, a tall woman about my mom’s age swished into view. She had long blond hair and blue eyes, the color of one of my sweaters. Ugh.

“Why hello, this must be the girl you were talking about, Nick?” the lady smiled politely at me, but I didn’t smile back. I shouldn’t trust her yet!

She held out a hand to me. Aaaak! What should I do?

“Earth to Maddie,” a voice in the back of my head whispered. It was soft, polite, trusting–Lick! “Marinette was asking you how your life was back at home.”

“Um, your French?” I asked, confused. That would be craaaazy psycho. Lick rolled her eyes, but she was smiling.

“Um, no, I am not French,” Marinette replied, totally mimicking me. I gasped. “I’ve been practicing with only one of the best tutors in all the land. Now, back to my question. By the way, I am from Restia.”

Restia? What kind of name is that? I left that question on my tongue, ‘cause I didn’t want to annoy Marinette. “I’m good, I guess. My parents are working on this macaroon factory, and I helped to make the crème puff specials macaroons, since they’re the best. Plus, I wanted to make sure there were more of them.”

Marinette laughed. “Wow, I love macaroons! My favorite is the pistachio.” Everyone nodded along with her, but I mean, I just stood there in complete shock. Pistachio? Who likes the pistachio macaroons? There are so many other flavors Marinette could try, to save her life!

“Alright, now, we have to get down to business.”

“What business, Mary? I mean, can I call you that?”

“You may certainly not. Now, business as in tests.”

I cocked my head. “Like, math? I’m not that great.”

Marinette’s hands clenched into fists and her cheeks were flushed. Uh-oh. “Oh, Maddie, when will you learn? We need to put tests on your body so that we can have proof that you truly belong here. That’s why we asked what was going on at home–we wanted to see if anything important was happening, or else we’d send you back.”

“Umm… okay.” I whispered. I wanted to go home, not stay in this strange place! “When are we doing this?”

“Tomorrow. When you wake up, you’ll be covered in wires. Don’t be alarmed.”

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