Shekhu–Chapter 4, Part 1: Alone

I was just warming into my new home when my family totally kicked me out! They took me to this thing that they called a ‘cat hotel’, because they were going on a vacation.

Right when I was put in my cellar, I missed Skittles and Fauna right away. I hissed at the tabby cat next to me–she is so annoying!!

“Can you please be quiet?” I whispered to her, my teeth clenched. “You’re chewing is insane.”

“I’m okay,” she said, her mouth full of kibbel. “I’m not hurt.”
“I didn’t say you were hurt!” I shrieked. “What’s your name?!”
“Lizzy,” she replied, looking down at her food and crunching loudly. Ugh. Exactly what I didn’t like. “What’s your name?”

“Sing–I mean, Shekhu.” I turned around and hopped to the highest floor of my kennel. There were three small floors: one where I sleep in, one where I play in, and one where I eat in. Well, I mostly like to just perch up on the top floor (Where I sleep). “It means ‘tiger’.”

“Cool,” She answered. She munched on a huge chunk of her wet food and then swallowed it with a gulp. “So, you live around here? I live in Plymouth.”

“Umm… I used to live in Plymouth,” I whispered. Not now would I talk about my past, nuh-uh-uh. Not with this girl.

“What happened?” Lizzy asked, stopping the munching and looking at me through the bars. I ignored her and looked at all the other sleeping cats. I had never felt so alone.

Hey, fly, get out of my face! Fly, I should not have to say this one more time! Oh, you big ugly mess!

“F-f-f-f-o-o-o-l-l-l-o-o-o-w-w,” It stammered. I gasped and swatted it with my paw. It fluttered and struggled to stay in the air.

“Are you asking me to follow you?” I whispered, raising my paw in the air–slowly–and patted it fast. It shuddered.

“Y-y-y-e-e-e-s-s-s,” It groaned. I shook my head and, without any hesitation, stepped on it and smashed it. “GGRRRAAAAAAH!” It shrieked. I laughed.

“Uggh, what am I supposed to do?!” I meowed. Just then, I spotted a lady coming to me with scissors in her hand.

“Alright, little one–time for a haircut.”

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    Oooh scary it’s a haircut


  2. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    Lol, did you check out bear in the woods,


  3. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    Wait? Chapter 4 part 1???


      1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

        Isn’t it supposed to be just chapter4 ; I am really confoozled


      2. Anuja Raghavendra says:

        Wait, text me on hangouts


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