Chapter 6 of: The Nother World: What in the World?!

“Alice? Alice!” A voice in the back of Alice’s head screamed. She jumped  in surprise but her head cleared when she realized it was just Jamie. “You realize that what I have to show you is up there? This portal is my dad’s work.” Jamie pointed above the Upside-Euro Hill.

Alice flushed. She was so stupid. What was she thinking? She had to go home. But, what about her wings, her… her… her precious flying material?! “Why is your dad’s work going into portals and encountering evil queens?” Alice asked as they raced up the twisting hill. She thought that she’d go upside down, but for some reason, she stayed on her feet.

Jamie stopped running and looked Alice up and down until she cringed. “Well, he’s been disappearing for days, and when I asked him why, he said he had to protect you, Alice,” he whispered, looking off into the distance. Alice put a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off and offered her a hand again. “Let’s run to a safe spot.”

Alice gradually took his hand and they raced through the long grass once again. She laughed as he suddenly stopped running, flinging her towards the cliff. He caught her in time. “Thanks,” She muttered under her breath, relieved that she hadn’t fell. “So, what’s the big news?”

“Umm… so, you see that yellow diamond-shaped platform over there? Go stand on it and transform.”

“Into what?”

“You know what.”

“I’m sorry, but I do not.”

Jamie sighed and looked Alice in the eyes. “Look, I’m not here for games. Do your thing so you can get wings!”

Oh,” Alice said, nodding slowly. “Alright, stand back. Last time, things were a bit windy.

“Wings,” Alice whispered, a yellow glow surrounding her. “Wh-what’s happening?!” She screamed.

Her wings appeared, but then suddenly, her hair turned purple and her dress turned purple, as well as her heels. She was how she was in the Enchanted Forest of Fairies & Creatures!

“Whoa,” Jamie breathed when the glow disappeared. Her hair had suddenly grown longer, too, and was now up till her hips (before it was a little below her shoulders). “Umm… where is… Alice?”

Alice froze. Then, she remembered what that fairy had said, “You need a fairy name. That will be Fera. The Old Leader always chooses the next leader’s fairy name.”

Giggling, she answered, “My name is… Fera.” It was a beautiful name for a fairy, and she enjoyed pretending that she was in another identity.

“Well, lovely to meet you, Miss So-Called Fera,” Jamie said sarcastically, raising an eyebrow. “Alice, you know that you are terrible at acting?”

Alice put a hand on her heart and her jaw dropped. “You’re even worse than my brother,” She laughed.

“Of course I am.” Jamie replied. He looked Alice up and down. “You look… different.”
“Yeah. I’m the new leader now, anyways–”


“No, that’s not a compliment.”

Alice rolled her eyes. “Yes?” She groaned. “What is it?”

“I… uh… when I tell you this, don’t panic.” Jamie took Alice’s hand and they both sat on the flat grass. “And say ‘yes’ to every question I ask. Starting now.”

“Yes,” Alice replied.

Jamie sighed. “Your parents are Clara Griswell and Jonathan Fairwell, right?”

Alice gasped. “Y-yes. Umm… creepy.”

Jamie nodded. “Yep. Dad told me. Anyways, you were… adopted.”

Time seemed to stop. Alice’s mouth dropped and her hair floated in front of her face. “What did you say?” She whispered softly.

“I am so, so, so sorry, Alice… and that’s why I made you turn into a fairy, because fairies don’t cry.” Jamie said, turning away. “I am so, so sorry.”

Alice touched her cheek, sure it was soaked with tears, but it wasn’t. “It’s… it’s not your fault,” Alice croaked weakly. She was crying her heart out inside. “Do you… know who my real parents… are? And Nathan?”

“Yes, yes, and yes.” Jamie sighed and looked back at Alice. “It is my fault. My dad, mostly. He’s so creepy. He knows everything about you.” Alice shuddered. Everything, everything?

“Nathan’s real parents are your adopted parents. They were told from your real parents to never tell you or Nathan. So they didn’t. They got you right after your brother was born and brought home from the hospital. Your real parents couldn’t take care of you, so they sent you to your world.” Jamie sighed as Alice gasped and started to whimper.

“Who are my real parents?” Alice asked nervously. She started to feel scared and lost. She was suddenly filled with lies. So much for being twins.

“You promised me you wouldn’t panic.”

“I didn’t promise you anything.”

“Stop.” Jamie sighed, rubbing his forehead. “I’m sorry. But… your parents  are… Red Riding Hood and Jack.”

Alice’s wings disappeared and she flowed with tears. Jamie stood up and walked away to give her some time alone. How was this possible? They said they weren’t married. They were lying. Alice’s eyes shut and she fell back, fainting in the soft grass. She was from here.

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    OoOoohhh suspenssseeee


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