Shekhu–Chapter 3: Biting

Doo…. doo… dodododododoDO! Ooooh, yes, finally! You’re here! Yeah, I know–Shekhu’s view is way better… but… umm… I have a lot to say. Nope, getting a cat does not mean “Yay! I got a friend! Now we’re gonna live happily ever after!” because, well… two things. One, ‘happily ever after’ is always the ending of a story. It is just dumb!! Like, where’s the suspense? What is happening?! It’s so disgusting. ‘Prince Charming kisses the princess and then they lived happily ever after.’ Like, what?! Disney, get better with your endings!

Two, happily ever afters are just myths.

So, after about 12 hours of having a cat, Shekhu started to bite me.

And I mean, full blown, blood-oozing cuts making their way through my arm. A not-so-pleasant feeling… plus, the worst part was, well… Shekhu was just playing with me! And he bit me, as well. It is so, so, so very sad.

One bright, sunny, orange-Goldilocks day (OMG, I JUST MADE SOMETHING NEW OUT OF A CLICHE!!!), me and Shekhu were sprawled on the carpet, right on top of a patch of sun. He was breathing so soundly, sleeping right next to me, that I got up and started to walk away. What I didn’t know was that Shekhu had gotten up to follow me! It was insane. One minute he was sleeping, the next minute he was walking. But it wasn’t just that.

His teeth were bared and you could see his fang-like teeth. He opened his mouth, his glinting-teeth mouth, and sunk his horribly sharp teeth into the bare skin of my leg (I was wearing Capris) and I yelped in pain. Then, my jaw dropped in astonishment.

Shekhu’s teeth were still bared.

And it was pink-tinted.

Okay, this is all real *Umm… most people won’t believe that, Aairah…* and I’d be happy to clarify it.

My eyes have point five power, which is very, very, very good indeed for my age, and I can blur things out if I wanted too, and I can see very vibrant colours, and– *Okay, Aairah, WE GET IT. Now can you please SHUT UP?!* Okay, jeez, Asterisk. And just let me speak! *No.* Fine.

I looked down at my leg, which had a giant red spot that was bleeding smack dab in the middle of it. Tears streamed down my cheeks and nose as the pain kicked in, but I held quiet, looking back at Shekhu’s still-bared teeth. I gasped.

“Shekhu, you have my blood in your mouth!” I screamed anxiously. “OH MY GOSH, SHEKHU, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! Come here and drink some water!”

Shekhu cocked his head. My parents weren’t home, just me and my sister and my grandmother, but they were super busy on their electronics to bother looking out for me. My sister, that is. Ugh.

I stomped over to Shekhu’s food-and-water bowl, my hands clenched into fists. Shekhu was being so, so, so naughty. I felt like grabbing him and squeezing him. *So much for your ‘love cats’ motto.* You, you be quiet. *No.* YES. *I SAID NO!* I SAID YES, ASTERISK! Okay. That’s more like it.

I squatted down, but it’s not because I was gonna pet Shekhu while he was eating, like I always do. He closed his mouth (finally!) and started to trot over to me. He looked down at his food bowl, than at me, that at his food bowl. *When will he ever learn?* I know, right?! Wasn’t it obvious that I wasn’t going to pet him?

I pointed down to his water bowl and glared at him. Hard. He didn’t flinch. He started to chew on his food, and I guess that was better. The blood from his teeth disappeared as he chewed and all trace of blood was gone. Mommy and Abba would never know. *Umm… also, if he drank the water, it would stain it, and make everything come into perspective.* True. I’m grateful that didn’t happen.

Though after he was finished with his meal, I picked him up and examined his teeth. I exhaled. No blood in sight. But that wasn’t it. He swallowed the blood, my blood, which would be so, so, so bad for him! Like, really, really, REALLY bad for his health. I forced him to drink water, but… that only made him wet *Everybody facepalms* so I locked him in the sunroom. Duh, I would not forget what he did to me!

Naughty kitty.

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    That was funny:
    *so much for your ‘I love cats’ motto* you, you shut up.
    Ha ha 😂


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