The Mistake 3: Uncomfortable

    “W-what?” Maddie whispered in confusion. “How is that… possible?”
    Kilp smiled. “Ok, long story short–you do have a dog named Yoshi, and you may see him in a bit. But a few months after you got him, this guy”–he turned around and glared at a laughing Nat–“made me a ‘potion thingy’ which turns me into anything I imagine. He told me to think about Yoshi… and… I did! One night, he snatched your dog and swapped him with me!”

    Maddie was horrified. “Where’s my dog?!” She demanded. She ran over to the door, swung it open, but couldn’t bold out of the room.

    “Forcefield,” Nat explained, high-fiving Kilp. “We knew you’d try to run awaaaay!” Nat shrieked at the last word, totally mortified. Lick had appeared out of thin air and was standing by Maddie’s side.

    “How did you do that?” Nat and Kilp whispered. Maddie was so dumb-struck that she couldn’t say a word.

    “Maddie has this way with me,” Lick explained. “Since I am her lost aunt, I can sense when she’s in danger, and then snap and appear next to her.”

    “No way,” Nat breathed, his forcefield suddenly falling. He laughed and groaned at the same time as Maddie bolted out of the room, just in time to see her dog hopping towards her.

    “YOSHI!” Maddie squealed in delight. “You’re here!” She squeezed him as tight as she could as Yoshi licked her all over.

    “Woof!” He barked happily.

    Except everything didn’t just get all giddy-giddy happiness after that. Maddie still had a lot to figure out–and not just the story of Kilp and Yoshi, but everything that Nat had kept from her, how Lick was her lost aunt (apparently), and what happened to that lamb?

    “I need to know more about you and Yoshi,” Maddie insisted as soon as she set foot into the room, dragging Yoshi by his blue collar. It had taken a lot of effort, assuming how big he was. She had chosen the most important question first.

    “Oh, right. Of course.” Kilp clears his throat. Suddenly, a chair appears under him and Maddie gasps, almost falling on top of her dog. Why hadn’t I fall over Kilp while I had the time? Maddie wondered to herself. I’d get rid of him, then. He’s been everywhere with me…

    “Yoshi was just sleeping soundly in your living room when we appeared in front of him. His chin quivered and he started to bark, but Nat quickly strapped his mouth and took out his special Invisible Band. It was orange, and when you put it on, it makes you invisible, and everything you are touching. If you stop touching something, it becomes visible. So he touched us and we used the moon to come back to our Hub.” Kilp cleared his throat.

    “Then, in the morning, after I got all prepared for being your dog, he snapped and I was sleeping where I was. And guess what? It was the same time as it was when we got Yoshi. So don’t worry, your parents won’t be awake for a while.”

    For a while.

    So her parents were gonna wake up and worry.

    She’d have to be prepared for that, and lots and lots of explanations. “Oh, and this is just the beginning,” Kilp went on. Maddie rolled her eyes. That phrase was such a cliche.

    “Mmmmhmmmm.” Maddie bent down and scratched Yoshi’s ears. “And I bet you had full care of him?” Nat nodded so hard that his neck cracked.

    “Yup. All my time was stuck with playin’ with him. I honestly don’t want him to go.” Nat walked over and scratched Yoshi’s chin.

    No, no, no… Maddie thought hurriedly. You are coming home with me, Yoshi, ME.

    Maddie pried Nat’s fingers off of her dog, and scurried out of the room, Lick by her side. “Umm… I know the exit,” Lick suggested, reading Maddie’s mind. “It’s just across Yoshi’s room.”

    Maddie decided not to ask how Yoshi was capable of taking care of his own room, but it still lingered in her mind and she shuddered when she thought of how messy it would be. All she did was run, run, run until she reached the end of the hallway. On her right, there was Yoshi’s room. It was beautiful. Teal walls, white carpets, his own toy box, a giant blue dog bed, and a blanket shaded with blue colors.

    On her left, there was a pit of doom. Literally. When Lick and Maddie opened the silver platinum door, before they took a step they saw that there was no step to take. It was just a black hole that went on and on and on.

    Maddie and Lick looked at each other. “I’m gonna jump, and then you jump. I know you can do it. It’s pretty simple. Might be a lot of pressure, and pretty painful, but you can do it.” and then she dropped. No noise. No scream. Just the gentle whish of her dress and she was falling, falling, falling into the black pit of doom.

    Maddie wasn’t thinking anything. She held onto the doorknob for a second, but then she let go. She took several deep breaths before tipping forward and into the pit of blackness.

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