Story 5 of The Cat Trap: Not A Good Sign

    “We have been searching for days,” Gretchen groaned, plopping on the soft grass. We were in the middle of nowhere, having no clue of where Kayla Girl might be.

    “We need to search more,” I replied, sitting down next to her. “I have been talking trash about my real family for ages. I have to rescue Kayla Girl as fast as I can!”

    “You mean ‘we’?” Decks reminded me, coming from behind a bush with a bunny hanging from his mouth. “We are gonna find Kayla Girl, not just you.” He laid down on his belly next to us and chewed a piece of meat from the bunny. He munched thoughtfully.

    “Yeah, I know.” I sighed. I was tuckered out, and good thing we didn’t bring any survival things.

    Good thing.


    “You know, Decks has a great point,” Gretchen declares. “We all have to work together and make a great deal of things. It will work much better–”

    “–if we have four of us on the job,” a very, very familiar voice interrupted Gretchen.

    “Toaster?!” We all say in unison. I jump in surprise and asked, “What are you doing here?!”

    He glared at me. Oh, right. I forgot what he had said at Igor’s house. “You go on a whole risk-taking journey to find your owner, leave me, your only normal friend and take two random strangers with you? Who do you think you are?” he said right now.

    I grimaced. “You’re the one who stalked us, followed us, ate our leftovers from our catch… wow, look who’s talking.” I tore some meat off of Decks’s catch, chewing fast. Wow, this was some great bunny. Nice and tender. Deeeelicious. I licked my chops and turned to a munching Gretchen, giving her a tail-hit. She smiled at me, and so did Decks. I guessed they both love the bunny, too.

    Toaster stared at the bunny, his mouth watering. His eyes read tempting, and I could understand oh so much. This was great bunny. “Well, since you’re here… have a snack.” Gretchen and Decks both gave me a look, but I ignored them. How miserable Toaster probably was?

    I tore a big chunk of meat off of the plump rabbit and pushed it towards Toaster. “Thanks, Archie,” He mumbled before chewing on the meat. His eyes suddenly lit up. “Wow, this stuff is great. You have great catch, Decks!” Decks was totally mortified to realize how much Toaster knew.

    I laughed so hard when I saw his face that I almost didn’t notice the worry spread across Gretchen’s face. Time stopped. “Umm… Gretchen? Everything okay?” I asked frantically.

    Decks, Toaster, and I all gathered around Gretchen just in time to gasp. Except, I whimpered.

    “There is a note in this puddle,” Gretchen whispers, looking into a muddy-brown puddle. A piece of square paper is floating in the dirty water. “It’s… take a look.” She pushes the note towards me, and I could not believe my eyes.

    The note said:

    Kin, I have her. Kayla Jane Marley.

    She’s with me now. But she’ll be in your hands in

    no time. Got all the knives and scissors ready? Be


    –Balelo Faw

    My heart was pounding. Tears spilled down my nose. “Kayla Girl, no…” I whispered. Everyone else (the TGD) told me it was okay, and that we’d find her in time, and that I’d be in her arms in no time. But I tuned them out and just thought about what Balelo had wrote.

    Got all the knives and scissors ready?

    “At least we know that he’s been here,” Gretchen assured me. “I have so many questions! Who’s Kin? Did he drop his note, or was Kin supposed to be around here to pick it up, but it rained yesterday so she couldn’t? I have no clue.”

    “It’s okay,” Decks replied, his voice somehow steady. He turned to me. “Archie, which way do we head?”

    I could barely manage to croak, “Let’s rest… th-this is a lot for me to m-muster.”

    “Yes, Archie, whatever you say–it is your loss, anyways.” Toaster reminded me, earning a gigantic glare from Gretchen. I couldn’t help but giggle. Soon enough, all of us were laughing. It was okay, like Decks had said. We would find Kayla Girl in time, and rescue her.


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