The Mistake 2: A Secret Hidden Well

Madeline Thompson (Maddie) didn’t do anything but faint. On top of Yoshi. And who would have guessed that this Nathaniel dude picked her up and took her to a bedroom?

“Let. Me. GO!” Maddie screamed. She thrashed and flailed and eventually felt a copper wire press into her neck. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!”

“Easy there, Fekopalm. Nuh-uh, no more girls.” It sounded far away, but Maddie heard Nat talking to someone. That’s when she heard Yoshi.

“Did you name Yoshi Fekopalm?” Maddie yelled. She tried reaching for Yoshi’s stubby collar, but she realized that her eyes couldn’t open.

“Shut your mouth!” Nat’s echo reverberated the bubbly room. “Nick and Lick, get the sheets–we’re putting her to sleep.”

Maddie stopped kicking and biting whatever was in her way. She stopped fighting and whining at whoever was there. She stopped breathing completely. She was gonna die.

“RRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUFFF!” Yoshi barked. “RUF RUF RUF!” It was as if he were saying, “No, no, don’t let her die!”

“You mean, like a nap, right?!” Maddie crossed her fingers and whispered, “Please let me live. I am only 10 years old.” Suddenly, a warm liquid was trickling down her eyelids. Her eyes fluttered open, and she could see everything perfectly. Maybe too perfectly.

Two figures stood at the end of a long hall, one with long brown pants and a orange short sleeved shirt with vines curled up along his body, with shaggy black hair. The other one had shoulder-length light brown hair, with a long purple dress and a half sleeved pink shirt. She was the most stunning woman Maddie had ever seen.

The room was huge. Streamers hung on the ceiling, weaving through the giant baby blue canopy bed. The mattress was soft and the blankets were fuzzy and warm. Yoshi was resting the same way he was in the Maze of Memories on the other side of the bed. And Nat was standing way back in the corner.

Maddie figured that Nat meant he wanted to let her rest, maybe for the journey he was talking about in the note. She felt like melting in the warm sheets.

“On it,” the girl, who Maddie assumed was Lick, replied and swished out of the room elegantly with Nick. Maddie turned to Nat.

“What do you mean, do you want to let me die?” Maddie asked under her breath. Nat laughed so hard that he had to clutch his stomach. Maddie rolled her eyes.

“Umm, I think we went far lengths when we said we were going to put you to sleep. But I mean, tomorrow’s a big day and we need to give you some drugs. No, no, drugs to help you sleep!” Nat added when Maddie shifted under the blankets.

“And… what does that mean? What’s tomorrow? And why were you disguised as a lamb in my house?” Maddie asked, sitting up straighter. Her head itched with questions that she didn’t know had the answer paired with it.

“Umm… I don’t think I can answer all of your questions, but tomorrow… you can’t really go home. We have to do some tests on you.” Nat whispered the last part. Maddie felt tears staining her cheeks. Why was she there? Was she ever gonna go home? “But, the lamb thing was just to get your attention. I know, dumb, right?”

Maddie was to scared to nod. She tried to stop it, but a silent sob slipped through her lips.

“Oh.” Maddie heard a lady’s voice whisper and felt soft arms wrap around her. It was Lick. “Oh, it’s alright, Madeline. This is your room. You’ll go home in a few weeks.”

Weeks?” Maddie croaked, tears spilling over her shirt. Yoshi had come over to sit by her now, and Nat had turned his back on her and was sitting on the edge of her bed. “I… I can’t… I don’t even know you–”

“Oh, sweetie, it’s fine,” Lick promised, wiping Maddie’s tears. “Sweetie, we’re like your family… You know that I’m you’re distant, by far, aunt, right–” Lick covered her mouth and realized she had said too much. She started walking backwards. “I’m sorry, I…”

Nat pounded Maddie’s sheets with his fist, and Maddie jumped. “You slipped! You promised you wouldn’t!” He yelled, getting up. “Get out, Lick! My orders! Now!” He watched until Lick had ran down the hall until he slammed the door shut.

“I can’t believe she’s my aunt,” Maddie whispered. “I mean, she can’t be my mom’s sister, because she is way too pretty to be anyone’s sister!”

“Any more questions?” Nat sighed. Maddie straightened.

“Have any of your other friends been hiding out in my house?” Maddie asked carefully. She remembered the blue jay that had entered her house, and it was chirping like crazy.

Nat hesitated. But then, “You can become human again, Fekopalm.”

Maddie froze. She remembered who he had called Fekopalm. “Y-Yoshi?!” She muttered.

She gasped in horror and burst into tears as Yoshi flashed and a human man appeared, perfectly normal. He had blond hair and blue eyes.

“Who are you? Why… when…” Maddie stumbled to find words.

“You’re awesome, Maddie,” The guy laughs. He shakes her hand. “I am your, like, best friend, and my code name is Fekopalm.” He looks over to Nat, who nods. “I’m Kilp. Kilpon.”

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