Chapter 4: The Nother World: The Start of “Rightfulness”

Alice waited until everyone was asleep until she jumped out of her window. She was so stupid of doing so, she didn’t even realize that she was dozens of feet above the ground. She tried to stay calm but the pressure was too much.

    Thankfully, someone caught her and she fell smoothly in their arms. She panicked, not knowing what to do.

    “Umm… who are you?” Alice whispered into the night. Their face was hidden in the darkness, but Alice could see their pale blue eyes.

    “Drieder. That’s me,” said a deep male voice, and at once Alice knew she was about to conquer kidnapping. He sneered.

    “Please let me go, I am not interested–”

    “Interested? Are you talking to full-grown cows?” Drieder laughed softly. “I’m not here to hurt you, I promise; I’m here to help.”

    “Help? With what?”

    “What are your parents’ names?” Dreider sighed.

    Alice was speechless, afraid to answer. Then, “Clara Griswell and Jonathan Fairwell.”

    “Yup, definitely somethin’,” He mumbled, letting go of Alice. She cocked her head. “Your parents may be from here.”

    Your parents may be from here.

    The words rang in her ears.

    “Umm…… I think I’m lost?” Alice said as Dreider continued to mumble his meaningless words. “Are you saying….”

    He waved off the idea. “Nah, couldn’t be. Anyways, you want to stop the Evil Queen, eh? She wants to steal your powers and wings?”

    Alice’s jaw dropped. She suddenly felt a huge rush of relief flow through her veins. This person, whoever he was, actually understood everything she wanted her brother to understand. She had been looking for someone like this all her life, and now that she found them, she didn’t know what to do, let alone say.

    “How did you–”

    “Right, we gotta run. Entisi is searching for you, and I doubt you know who he is, but he’s grave danger. We gotta get out of this town as soon as possible and head for Phoenix Drivious.” Dreider already started running, and as Alice caught up to him, she realized he was saying stuff to her. She knew she shouldn’t follow this stranger, but….

    “I have a son named Jamie about the age of you–looks of you, that is–and he will give you some comp’ny. Just a couple more streets, and we’re outta town.”

    After a dozen minutes, they were heading toward a small cottage in the depths of a swoopy hill. It swooped up and down, side to side, twisting into curved loops. Alice had never seen anything like it.

    “See, this is Upside-Euro Hill,” Drieder explained, interrupted by  loud moaning coming from the cottage. A tall yet great-looking boy a little over Alice’s age raced out the cottage and punched Drieder in the ribs. He had chocolate brown hair and was covered in feathers.

    “Is this the girl you decided to take care of for the next few weeks?” He whispered to his dad, shoving a quarter in his pocket which Drieder had given him.

    “Did you say weeks?” Alice literally fell out of her shoes hearing this. “I can’t stay here for more than two days! My brother and Red and Jack will come and look for me!”

    “Hey, it’ll be fun!” Jamie assures her. “And you do want your wings, right?”

    Alice grunted. This was not her plan after being teleported to another dimension without even knowing how to get out.

    “So, what are we doing first?” Alice sighs, taking Jamie’s hand as he ran with her through the grassy fields. But she didn’t ask another question when she saw what was in front of her then. But she also didn’t hesitate, since she knew what this meant.

    In front of her was a green portal, the same color as the mist the Evil Queen had came in.

    And this meant that she had another journey ahead of her.

    And maybe, just maybe, a wish come true.

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