The Mistake

Not everyone was like Madeline Thompson. She had strange history, especially with her dog Yoshi. And no one knew what they were.

It all started when Maddie woke up one Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t just a morning, it was 4:13 a.m.! Maddie never woke up this early! She slipped out of bed just as the moon turned a pale, pale white color. Maddie’s face turned the same just looking at the bright moon.

Maddie swished in her white nightgown slowly and quietly but then some sort of weird noise was coming from across the hall! Maddie’s house had only one floor, if you didn’t count the basement. She tiptoed into the hall, expecting her brother Stephen to pop out any second.

“Aaaa…… HA!” Maddie laughed, slowly coming into the hallway and jumping sideways when she reached the corner. She stopped laughing when she saw that her brother wasn’t there.

She swerved into the kitchen, where the noise was reverberating the most. She fell on her knees and started slowly crawling towards the noise. “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a noise. It’s just a noise. It’s just a–” Her whispers were cut short by a small lamb coming close to her face! “OH MY GOSH!!” Maddie screamed, flinging her arms in the air. She quickly quieted herself and bent down to inspect the lamb.

“Why are you here?” Maddie whispered, reaching to pet it’s fluffy fur. Instead, as much as it looked fluffy and soft and like a ball of cotton candy, it was sticky and flat and smelled like ink. “Yuck, you need a bath!” Maddie observed.

She approached the bathroom down the hall with the stinky lamb in her arms. But she stopped walking into the bathroom. Maybe even breathing. She stopped doing everything she was doing as one thought filled her head: Why haven’t I seen Yoshi yet?

She shook the thought away, something more “important” to be done right then. She swung the bathroom door open and put the lamb into the bathtub. But before Maddie was even able to turn the faucet on, the little lamb was making that noise again:

“Liiiiiilooooo… Essssskiiiiiiiimooooo… Siiiiiiiliiiiiiiiloooooooeeee…” And it kept whispering the noises.

“Eskimo? What about it?” Maddie asked the lamb. It was so cute that she couldn’t believe it was making such creepy noises. Then she left the question floating. “Hmmm… umm, don’t I have to give you a name? I also have to find a hideout for you that Mom and Dad won’t find…”

Suddenly an idea flicked in Maddie’s mind as she scrubbed the lamb with soap and the water poured down on it. “How about I hide you in Yoshi’s cage? He doesn’t sleep there anymore. And I could put it under my bed!” Maddie sighed as she realized what she had to do. She checked the private of the lamb and saw it was a girl! “You’re name can be…. Agnes.”

After Agnes was well scrubbed, Maddie put her in Yoshi’s cage, covered it with her fluffy blanket, and tucked it under her bed.

“Oh no, Yoshi!” Maddie cried, remembering about him and running into the living room. But what she saw instead made tears roll down her cheeks.

A red stain, which was dark, and looked exactly like the color of Yoshi’s blood when Maddie had to give him a treatment when he scratched his face (A story for another time).

“YOSHI! WHERE DID YOU GO?!” Maddie shrieked, running out of the house and into the backyard. The moon was still the same color as it was when Maddie had woken up. But there was something…

“Oh Lordy, the door.” Maddie facepalmed herself so hard that her head hurt. “WHY DID I LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN LAST NIGHT?!” Maddie screamed so hard that the sound echoed through the quiet night. Suddenly, Maddie gasped when she realized something about the moon. It looked like Agnes’s face.

It was pale white and the two black patches were like the black, black eyes that were pressed into Agnes’s face. Maddie ran inside and retrieved Agnes.

“Tell me, Agnes!” Maddie yelled. “Tell me now! Everything!”

Agnes suddenly vanished. Yes, literally, vanished. Into thin air. Into nothing. Nothing at all.

Except that when Agnes vanished, and after Maddie screamed, a note fluttered in the space where Agnes used to be. There was no light to read it, but some of the light of the moon helped Maddie to form words:

We do not recommend a second chance
For you to flutter; for you to dance
But we know for sure that you will follow me
And also think “Who is we?”
Hope is like time, nothing left to keep in mind
We know who you’re searching for
And this dog, oh it’s such a bore
We’d gladly give it back
But you must give us lack
No time to spare, our journey awaits
As is the custom, and hurry is what takes

Maddie whispered the whole thing, turning paler and paler by each word. She took several deep breaths before she faced the moon. She knew exactly who this “person” was.

“So… do I just read you the words?” Maddie asked, and she didn’t even gasp when the moon shifted for the first time in an hour. She read the whole note clearly, with rhythm and sense, even the words From Unknown at the bottom. And just like that, she was sucked right towards the moon.

It was like the world had ended. The trees, the ground, the grass, Maddie’s house… it was all twisting and spinning and turning into a giant wall around her. Maddie felt like she was in a bubble, and she gasped with delight when she caught a glimpse of something. Right in front of her, there was a maze of her memories.

She skimmed through them. Childhood memories. Her and her brother fighting over who got the last cheesecake slice. She laughed as she watched her failed attempts. But one that made her drop to her knees and huddle in a ball was the one where she had first held Yoshi in her arms.

She sat there, sobbing and kicking and yelling and screaming. This was a trap. Maddie got up and searched around. But when she looked to her right, there he was, just laying there with his tongue lolled out and his head between his paws. Watching her. Yoshi.

“OH MY GOSH, YOSHI!” Maddie screamed and she glided across the wet bubble floor and squeezed Yoshi with a hug. “Oh my gosh, what happened to you, bud? I missed you so much! I was so worried!” Maddie squeezed him tighter.

Maddie’s head jerked up when she heard that creepy lamb noise again. But when she looked ahead… it was not a lamb. It was a tall man with slicked back brown hair. He was holding a squeaky toy, and when he squeaked it… it made the lamb noise.

“Wh-who are you?” Maddie whispered, slowly getting up. “Are you th-the person who wrote that n-note?” She stammered as he laughed.

“Sure did,” He said. Maddie jumped.

“Wait, how come that makes a lamb noi–sorry, that creepy noise?” Maddie asked, pointing to the man’s squeaky toy. He laughed again.

“The name’s Nathaniel. But peeps call me Nat.” He threw the toy up in the air and catches it, bouncing on the squishy bubble ground. Maddie gasped as he sneered, “I guess being disguised as a lamb pays pretty well.”

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    You finally put the story on your website!


  2. Maira says:

    That story is one of a kind!


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