Pennywise the Cannibal

Why is everyone afraid of me? Why does nobody play with me in the neighborhood? Well, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I have encountered a bloody-toothed, giant white clown so many times that I have lost count.

I don’t know if it’s rivalry. I don’t know if it’s his way of friendship. But Pennywise is someone you don’t  want to come across.

Hello, bonjour, ciao. My name is Jayla Frod Drio, and I am afraid of nothing, yes, nothing, except Pennywise. My story is remarkable.

I slowly crept out of bed on January 13th, 2001. No… it was not a Friday. It was a Tuesday. I’m homeschooled, and I don’t take much sleep, so my brain is too wonky for me to go to school. So it doesn’t matter if I wake up at 1:16 a.m. in the morning.

The bed creaked and I cringed as my blanket piled up on the ground. I thought of putting my straight waist-length chocolate brown hair in a ponytail, but my brown eyes were extremely tired and it was best if I covered my hair over it.

    My grey cat Fibi stretched her paws on the ground. I bent down to pet her, but she showed me her claws and hissed. I jumped back.

    I opened the door a bit and slipped through, barely tripping on my gown lace. It was white with poofy sleeves, and a poofy white lace to tie around your waist.

    I’d only been half way down the stairs when I heard my parents’ bed squeak from down the hall. I jumped and ran down the rest of the flight of stairs, nearly tripping over the floor. My palm was sweating as I reached for the doorknob and turned it open, flinging it open and close. I hoped my 21 year old brother was still asleep, dreaming his happy thoughts.

    I didn’t even have shoes on. It was just me, an old man watering his flowers, and a girl jogging with her dog. And worms. Lots of ‘em.

    “Gently sleep… oh gently live… o’er the sewer’s pipe holes…” A low, deep, crackly voice sang in a low, deep tone. I followed it behind my house, and behind the pond that was behind it.

    “Umm… don’t you realize… that you… are in the sewers?” I panted, finally reaching the bloody-toothed clown. His cracked lips formed a smile.

    “Aren’t I aaaaaalwaaaaaays?” Pennywise snickered, reaching out a screen-white arm. He didn’t have a hand, and I was always afraid to touch him.

    “Why did you call me?” I asked. For some reason, I hear in my dreams every single foul or not foul thing that Pennywise says. And I heard him calling me.

    “Aah, now that’s why you need to come down in these sewer pipes with me,” Pennywise sneered, waving his hand below the sewer drain. I was looking into the drain, but somehow, his hand could slip through the cracks. Let me give you a quick reference on him.

    Pennywise had no nose, and in its place was a red stain. His eyes were a pale red, with a hint of pink in the corners. His hair was brown and white and grey and every color not apart of the rainbow. He wore black overalls and he had no skin. It was just flesh that was white. No hands. No feet. Just a figure of legs, arms, torso, and head. Not the Pennywise we think of.

    “Uh-uh, no way I am coming down there–oooAAAAAH!”

I yelled as his bloody arm somehow wrapped around me and slid me through the drain slits. “LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW OR I’M CALLING MY MOM!”  I held up my silver iPhone, then realized that I definitely shouldn’t have. Pennywise snatched it away gingerly.

    It looked way more scary down here than up on earth–there were slugs, leaf piles, animal meat carcasses, and– “YOU EAT CHILDREN?! ALL THIS TIME I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE NICE ONE IN THE SUBDIVISION!”  I screamed to the tops of my lungs. There, on top of a leaf pile which I had thought was an animal carcass, was a skull with two blue eyes and short blond hair looking straight up at the dirt ceiling. Or it seemed to.

    “Tell me, you don’t think all this time was a trap?” He cackled and spit droplets rested on the side of his mouth. “I was just triggering your trust. I called you because I have been starving for years!”

    “So… you mean… you want me to go hunt some animals for you?” I whispered under my breath. I was betrayed. How could, like, my only “friend” have just totally lost it and betrayed me by making me hunt for him? Except that I knew that wasn’t actually what he was talking about…

    “Shut up, kid, why would you need to hunt? You’ve done your part. No need to hunt when you’ve gotten me what I need.” He patted my shoulder and I screamed, hoping someone would notice and run over and call 911.

    Except that definitely wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon. No siree Bob. Because at right that second, yes, Pennywise clasped his arms around me again, and pulled me up. I screamed like I’d die tomorrow as he swallowed me whole.

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    It was great! I love scary stories


    1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

      I made part 2 of my cinderella story


    2. Anuja Raghavendra says:

      Check it out


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