Chapter 3 of: The Nother World: The New Adventure

When the sibs got into the palace, their pups jumped crazily over their knees. Their ears bobbed up and down like sun-bobbles.

    Alice went upstairs to her chambers after saying goodnight to the others. They told her to eat supper, but she refused. Except she wasn’t going to sleep; she was going to try and fly.

    She knew that she had wings and that meant she should learn to fly. Ava squirmed in her bed as she tried to sleep through all the light from Alice’s lamp. There was a clear door that you slide to open, and curtains on the sides of it.

    “Wings,” she whispered and slid open the door. The warm air was sweet and would calm her down, but since close by was Nathan’s balcony, she checked to see if the curtains were closed. Cost clear.

    Her wings fluttered a bit when she urged them, but it was so hard since she had never done so. Bits of sparkle dust drew here and there, but after a couple urging minutes, her wings started to rise. Alice was so amazed by the sudden flutter that she stopped the urge, to let herself drop, but the wings refused. They pulled her up and dantied her over the balcony and heading her over to the Enchanting Forests of Fairies and Creatures.

    Alice screamed in surprise. “Help!” She yelped. “Somebody help me!” All of a sudden, there was a bright flash and a flying carriage appeared. Inside were King David, Queen Snow, and Nathan.

    “I knew you were going to try and fly!” Nathan chuckled in relief as Alice sat down next to him and the carriage flew on. “I was suspicious when you refused eating supper–you’re always hungry at a time like this.”

    Alice was still astonished. “Where did you guys come from? And where are we going?” King David smiled mischievously.

    “Nathan told us his thoughts at supper,” he explained. “He said that you’d be frightened if we stalked you and you realized it, so we decided to make a spell so that when you’re in trouble we teleport to you in a flying carriage.” He said it so simply as though it was no big deal.

    “Wait, so since you knew that I’d be practicing flying, you made it so that we travel to the Enchanting Forests tonight?” Alice asked in disbelief. King David nodded slowly.

    “The whole time we were talking, this carriage teleported us to the Enchanting Forests,” Queen Snow said and pointed out the window. There were large lush oak trees and bright green grass that almost caused a shine. “And we are landing…”

    There was a big thud and they all hopped out the carriage. The queen hooted something in Russian, and then a sparkly dust filled their noses.

    Four beautiful fairies appeared; they were all girls. They were majestic and all had pink or blue hair. The ones with blue had pink dresses and the ones with pink had blue dresses. Same way with the heels.

    “Hello, Fera, it’s an honor to meet you,” A pink-haired fairy said and bows. “I am Tippie.”

    “My name is Alice,” Alice quickly corrects, but the fairies shake their heads.

    “You are going to be the leader of the Fairy Governess,” A blue fairy proclaimed. “You need a fairy name. That will be Fera. The Old Leader always chooses the next leader’s fairy name.” The fairy waved her wand and Alice’s shirt turned into a long, lavender dress and her pants disappeared. She looked at her shoes which turned into purple heels. Queen Snow put her hand on Alice’s shoulder.

    “What’s with the purple?” Nathan asked and Alice nodded to the Fairy Governess group. “And also the purple hair?”

    “It’s our colors combined,” Another blue fairy said. “This means she leads us equally, since the blue fairies are from the Slipper Towns and the pink fairies are from Sleeping Estates.”

    Nathan burst out laughing. “Sleeping Estates? What type of name is that?”

    The pink fairies glared at him, and he stopped laughing. One kindly smiled at Alice. “Fera, where are you from?” she asked. “The Sleeping Estates, Dwarf Villages, Slipper Towns, Hair Long Streets, Ogre Underville… where?”

    Alice and Nathan exchanged looks. How should they answer? The queen stopped them from speaking and spoke herself. “The Dwarf Villages,” she said proudly. “They are my children.” she went a little deep on the word “children”.

    “Oh! Oh, Your Majesties! We were so rude, we didn’t know that you were royals! Oh, Fera, this makes matters better!” Said a blue fairy, and bowed slightly. “Oh, and, I think we have guests, Tippie…”

    Suddenly, a bright blue flash filled the forest moonlight. Alice gasped and squealed as Red Riding Hood appeared, wearing a red warrior-like shirt-and-pant combo, with red daggers poking out of her waist belt. Her brown hair was slightly wavy and ended in bouncy curls. She was beautiful.

    Next to her, a tall and handsome young man appeared, holding a bucket and wearing ripped shirt and pants. There was a letter poking out of his pocket, which you could barely see read “Dear Jill, I am proud to” and the rest was hidden.

    “Jack!” Nathan cheered, finally meeting one of his favorite fairy tale people. He went over and shook his hand. “Hi, I’m Nathan! I’d recognize that bucket from anywhere, after all those stories–I mean, the ones the villagers tell, they say it’s a shiny white! I’ve always wanted to see that well on top of the hill…”

    Jack and Red held hands and laughed slightly to each other. But then they stopped, quickly, and bowed to Queen Snow and King David. “Sorry, Your Majesties, but I suspect these are your children? They are coming with us.”

    The fairies nodded, and Queen Snow nodded slowly, too. “Alright,” she said, and kissed the sibs on the head. “Good-bye, children, I’ll see you in a few days!” She looked confused. And then they vanished.

    It was a hurtful experience, like they were being squished. Alice heard Red laugh aloud as she slid past them all into blue mist.

.    “Ow! I feel squished! My stomach huuurts.” Alice groaned and held her stomach. She felt like vomiting.

    “Oh, Alice. Always Alice! Anyways, we don’t know why we’re over here. And, don’t worry. I’ll make sure we’re safe.” Nathan assured her with a smile and looked away. Everything was blue, like they were sliding down something.

    Alice knew something was up. She had always pictured Red and the lost prince would get married, but this was a twist to her thoughts…

    Another bright flash occured, and they were in the middle of a beautiful white plain. “This is our secret piece of land,” Jack said and looked over to Red. “Me and Red live here. Don’t worry, guys, we’ll find a way to get you back home. That’s why we’re here.” He started hopping with Red to a large white building.

    The sibs exchanged glances. “How did you know that?” They said together.

    “We knew,” said Red. “we knew.”

    “Are you guys married or something?” Alice asked them as they reached the entrance. Red and Jack exchanged smiles.

    “No, no, darling,” Red said quickly. “We ran away from home. I was too scared of any more wolves coming for me, and Jack here was scared to push Jill of the hill again, that he did twice, which ended with terrible injuries.”

    Alice nudged Nathan, and he scowled at her. When they entered the home, it wasn’t as they expected. Hats were everywhere, brown black green blue, all different shades of different colors. There was a small staircase on the side, a couple rooms down front…

    “Yuck! Smells like the sewer!” Alice said and made a face. Red and Jack exchanged glances, and the sibs knew something was wrong.

    “I’ll go check the basement,” Jack said and vanished behind a door. Red ruffled her hair. She had dealt with a lot for now.

    “What’s with the hats? And why don’t you have any sombreros? I could use some of those.” Nathan smiled and poked Alice in the ribs. “I haven’t forgotten about our Mexico adventure, Alice.”

    “Mexico adventure?” Red said and raised an eyebrow. She sat down on a long couch placed by the walls. The sibs sat down with her. “Tell me about it. Jack won’t be back for a while.”

    “You tell her, Al,” Nathan mumbled. All he really remembered about the trip was coming home with a suitcase full of sombreros and shakers. Even Mexican hot chocolate powders.

    “Oh, okay… umm… I’m not really a storyteller but uh… alright!” Alice flinched. “Me and Nathan told our parents that we’d go down the block from our hotel to that cool shop called Mexican Gifts & Souvenirs. Nathan was really into the basic stuff, like sombreros and maracas and banjos and ding-bells. But I couldn’t get my eyes off of the pink and purple dew bell which was hanging above our heads.”

    Alice played with her fingers. “It looked so beautiful, as a light streamed out of it, so bright and pretty especially with dew drops on it. I asked the seller, Marigold, how much it cost, and do you know what she said? Through her big, round glasses? She told me, ‘Oh, my oh my, missy, this thing hasn’t sold for as long as I’ve been behind this counter!’ and she’s been behind that counter for over forty years! She said that the price was two bucks, and I wanted to buy it. Marigold couldn’t believe her ears, and she was smiling ear to ear. Nathan bought a bunch of sombreros, and when I took the flower home, I found a note in it saying–”

    “However may you think you’re good at something, you won’t actually approve. You have to be great. That also means, great with power, great with pride, and not as great as being an evil…” The sibs had said it in the same time, but stopped. They had memorized this letter, it was so heartwarming, except now they knew who it was from…

    “The Evil Queen!” Red gasped. “You gimmys are in so much danger right now, do you realize that? She knew Alice was a fairy!”

    “But how? The Evil Queen was in this world, wasn’t she?” Alice gasped. Nathan made a face.

    “I think she created the potion.” Red said softly and put her head in one of her hands.


    “The potion! She made a potion to teleport her to the other world as a sixty year old lady!” Red suddenly frowned deeply. “I think she was Marigold.”

    “What? Marigold was so nice!” Alice raged and threw her hands in the air. “I can’t believe this. We have to stop her!”

    “Of course she was nice, that was the only way to trick you!”

    “Guys, that’s a terrible idea.” Jack was eavesdropping and came from the basement. His face was black and burnt.

    “Oh, Jack! Let me go get a cloth.” Red scurried through a door and returned with a white napkin.

    “I agree with Jack.” Nathan and Red said at the same time. They looked at the ground as if sad. Their expressions turned surprised as Alice began to speak.

    “No,” she said defiantly. “You don’t have a choice. If the Evil Queen is going to go for my wings and powers, what was it that you’d do?”

    Jack shook his head. He rubbed his temples and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry, Alice. We know how you feel, and we’d never want to–”

    “Stop pretending like you’re the most reasonable person someone can depend on! Do you know what a fear is?” Alice screamed.

    “Yes,” Jack admitted. “A fear is a chronological–”

No! A fear is a feeling someone gets around something that is embarrassing! It is exactly how you guys feel!”  Alice shouted and ran. She didn’t know where she was running, though; she just ran to her heart’s race. Everything suddenly became blurry as she opened one door and a cold breeze hit her chest.

Violet streamers hung from the ceiling and lowered in little pink lights. A gigantic, majestic chandelier with hundreds of crystal fairies dancing about with lights hung beautifully in the center. A humongous four-poster bed with a pink canopy and crystal slippers in front of it lay near the corner, and shelves and shelves of books towered around. There was a small mini bed in the corner which lay a sleeping…

“Ava?” Alice whispered. “How did you… what are you doing here?”

The others quickly caught up and Red put her arm around Alice. “We are sent to take care of you, gal,” she said calmly. “It is our duty to care for you and get you home safely. Ava came with us. Looks like someone bumped into her room.”

“Wait, what about James?” Nathan asked.

“Down the hall on the left,” Jack said and Nathan bolted out of the room.

Alice started to cry. She was sure it was for hours, but she didn’t know for sure. How would anyone do such a thing where they wouldn’t help her for the rightfulness? Not even her brother?

She felt hands on her shoulders and she wiped her tears. She knew what she had to do.

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    You did a lot of books in one day


  2. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    And when will you start working on the cat trap?


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