Chapter 2 of: The Nother World: The Great Ball

Alice dressed in the best gown that she could find and apparently it looked very pretty on her, according to Queen Snow. The queen said that the dress would attract Queen Cinderella’s most sincere attention, and that made Alice a bit misty-eyed with joy.

Nathan had a very handsome ruffle and suit, and pants; he never looked this proper on any occasion. Maybe he was excited to see Cinderella, too.

Both the sibs hugged their pups before leaving (for some weird reason) and gave them their meals. Who knew how starving were the pups?

Alice’s shoes were bright red (matching her red and white puffy gown) with pink gems on the sides. No, they were heels; Queen Snow said that those were Red Riding Hood’s heels and puffy gown.

“Your Majesties.” A guard had said and opened the carriage to the king and queen. The sibs followed, excitedly squealing as they took a seat across the royals.

“I am so honored!” Alice chirped. “Cinderella is so nice. I am sure it’s rare for any other queen to let two strangers into their castle!”

Queen Snow cleared her throat loud enough so everyone would hear. “Eh-hem!” she said as she cleared it. Everyone stared at her, confused.

“Oh, oh, I am so sorry Your Majesty,” Alice begged. “I was just meaning in, general!” Queen Snow glared at her. “Sorry!” Alice peeped again, and everyone in the carriage except Alice were laughing.

Queen Snow was smiling like she had just heard the funniest joke. “Well, I’m letting two strangers live in my house,” she said and her eyebrows raised. “Is that any different, or, shall I say, better?”

The sibs chuckled and giggled.

A good fifteen minutes later, the carriage jerked to a stop in front of a castle. The sibs could only fact out that it was Queen Cinderella’s castle.

A guard from the Slipper Towns group opened the carriage and smiled down at the sibs. His eyes were so caring and familiar; like they had seen him somewhere.

Alice almost had one of her fainting fits again but stopped it since she knew there were so many people watching her. The queen was right: she did attract a lot of attention, not only from the queen. When the group walked into the palace, though, Alice was very close to her faint, but Nathan grabbed her.

The floor was a bright white with crystals splattered in random places. A red carpet was placed in the center: leading all the way to the ballroom, that was straight ahead, where Alice and the others saw Queen Cinderella.

Alice didn’t wait for anyone or anything and rushed up to the entrance of the ballroom, skidding, slipping; it was not easy to run in heels or a gown. She ran through the ballroom, hearing calls from behind that shouted her name, passing couples dancing to the sound of romantic music, which was the only thing that slowed her down. How could music slow her down? Well, one thing’s for sure: Alice was always heartwarmed by romantic things.

Alice waited for the others to catch up, catching her breath as well. “Well?” She grunted as they caught up. “I’ll ask for your permission: may I see Queen Cinderella?”

Queen Snow and King David exchanged wide-eyed glances. The answer they could tell was obvious: No.

“Well, if you please,” Queen Snow said slowly, “But the queen’s throne is all the way over… there.” She pointed a long distance ahead, all the way across the ballroom, which was twice the size of a football field. Alice grumbled.

“Great! Another million yards to run!” Alice said sarcastically. She didn’t wait for anyone’s answer, she just ran off, or, well, jogged off towards the throne-stage.

It was five minutes or so, feeling towards Alice, once she finally reached the throne-stage-steps. The others were one fourth behind her, not even half. Alice watched and watched until everything became quiet and Cinderella came into the room and sat on her throne. Henry sat in his.

Alice gasped and tears streamed down her face. She didn’t even faint, not this time. Queen Cinderella taught her to not be scared of trying new things; this was it. Not to faint when seeing amazing people!

She cupped her hand around her mouth and looked over her shoulder. Her brother’s jaw was dropped open. They were real close now. Alice new that Queen Cinderella was about to say something, so she waited to jump up the steps.

“My fellow Slipians, I know that our–” The queen did continue, but Alice’s mind stopped listening. Slipians? Seriously? She looked back at her brother, who was almost behind her now. His face was red and his fist was in his mouth and he looked like he was about to laugh like crazy.

Alice giggled. He noticed her and had to cover his mouth even more.

“–and how much you’ve struggled after the Evil Queen has striked the Nother World. But right now, let’s clear our minds and enjoy this romantic dance!”

Just as the queen finished, Alice hopped up the stairs and more tears filled her eyes as Cinderella looked at her. She was beautiful: Her long, blond hair was put into a high ponytail, she wore a big, white puffy dress with white roses on it, and a matching white headband with more white roses on it. She was stunning.

“Oh! You must be the lost children that Snow had found! What are your names?” Queen Cinderella asked cheerfully. Nathan had joined Alice and wasn’t crying, but looked at Alice so that she’d do the talking.

“I…I…I…I am Alder–sorry, Alice, and this is my bro….brother Nort–sorry! Nathan,” She said slowly through tears. Nathan was laughing hysterically at their mistaken names.

“Well, hi, Alice and Nathan! It’s a plea–wait, why are you crying, dear?” The queen put a hand on Alice’s shoulder as she stood up. This made Alice grow more tears of happiness. Nathan smacked his forehead. He looked over to where Queen Snow and King David were and they were laughing some bit, looking over at the sibs.

“N-no, it’s ju-ju-just that we’re from the o-other world,” Alice slowly explained. “And the-there are st-ories about you o-over there and y-your my hero! I love you.”

Queen Cinderella was astonished to hear the news. “Oh, honey,” she said and held her stomach, remembering that she had a baby. “Oop! One second, Liv is going a little wild…” King Henry sat her down, making sure she didn’t fall. “But yes, Alice, you are a very sweet looking child, but please don’t cry on it–” She stopped as there was a terrible shake and everyone stopped dancing. There was a bright green flash and a dark but somewhat beautiful woman appeared in the ballroom.

King Henry quickly shoved the sibs to the side for protection; they were the only children in the ballroom. The woman had lavender hair with dark peach skin and hazel eyes. She wore a long dark dress that looked as if it was starting to disintegrate at the bottom. Her heels were shiny black, and her lips were a matching color. The sibs exchanged a look, knowing exactly who she was. They looked at Queen Snow and King David, who looked back in horror.

“The Evil Queen,” Queen Cinderella said aloud. “What do you want from us? Loyalty, perhaps?”

The Evil Queen stepped up the throne-stage-steps and looked directly into Alice’s eyes. Alice cringed.

“Why, not invite me to this lovely dance party?” The Evil Queen snickered. “What a sweet girl, that one.” She pointed to Alice.

Then, King David did the most incredible and disturbing thing in the sibs’ lives. “Don’t you dare think of doing anything to my children!” The whole ballroom knew that this was a lie, but the Evil Queen didn’t. It was a kind gesture towards the sibs but didn’t help them very much.

    The Evil Queen cackled hysterically and looked at King David. “Your children?” She puffed. “Well, this just makes things better. I’m sorry, but I need your daughter because of her powers as a fairy.”

    “What did you say?” Alice squealed as if it were a yell. “Me? A fairy? Evil Queen, you really got the wrong one here. I am not a fairy! Do I look like I have wings?” Everyone stared at her in disbelief. Even Nathan looked astonished. “What? Do I, Evil Queen?”

    The Evil Queen’s jaw dropped. “Yes, you do,” she said and snickered. “Interesting… when you say the word ‘wings’, it brings you wings.”

    “Nathan, what is going on?” Alice whispered to her brother. He pointed to her back.

    “Y-you have wings,” he said slowly. Alice gasped and looked over her shoulder. Beautiful purple and pink wings glittered and sparkled before her. Five black dots and one line were placed at the bottom of each wing.

    “Oh my gosh! This is amazing! But how is this–” Alice was interrupted by the Evil Queen.

    “Blah blah blah back onto business!” She cackled. “I said I was here for the girl! So I demand you to give me her!” She stared at the king, who was blocking them. When he didn’t do anything, the Evil Queen turned to Queen Snow. Her eyes were wide. “Well, why doesn’t the mother say some–”

    “I am not saying anything! You leave that gir–I mean my daughter alone!” Snow White raged. She ran over to get Alice and Nathan and whispered in their ears. “On three, we’re running back to the carriage,” she said. “One… two… three!”

    They ran as fast as their legs could take them. The Evil Queen kept growling and trying to teleport to them, but as King David, Queen Snow, Alice, and Nathan dodged her and protected Alice, it made her dizzy and frustrated, so she finally stopped and vanished in thin air.

    After ten whole minutes, they finally reached the entrance and jumped into the carriage and the driver awoke. They drove off and after five minutes everyone started laughing.

    “We’re your children?” Nathan laughed.

    “I’m sorry, I had no other option!” King David chuckled and held Queen Snow’s hand as she giggled.

    “I’m a fairy,” Alice said hesitantly. “How is it possible?”

    “Al, if we just discovered that there is a whole nother dimension full of fairy tale people that we’ve read about, then anything’s possible,” Nathan said truthfully with his eyebrows raised. “I really think it’s obvious.”

    “Yes, I know, it’s just–have I been this since I was born?” Alice squeaked. Her head itched with questions.

    “Oh my godmother.” Queen Snow looked at the floor of the carriage.

“What is it, dear?” King David asked and squeezed her hand.

“I saw the name Alice Caren in the newspaper for the elected Fairy Leader of the Enchanting Forests of Fairies and Creatures,” She explained.

Alice gasped. “Leader?! Of a whole forest? You gotta be kidding me! Oh, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!” Alice’s eyes filled with tears as she squealed her happy thoughts. Nathan gasped and chuckled and felt so happy for his sister.

“Next stop, the Enchanting Forests of Fairies and Creatures! Are adventure starts tomorrow!” Nathan declared and Alice nodded. She kept fidgeting with her wings and then finally deactivated it.

“No wings,” she said and they disappeared, leaving a cloud of sparkly dust.

“We’re coming with you two,” King David said and Queen Snow nodded. “You guys still need parents.”

They all laughed for a few minutes and stayed silent for the rest of the ride home.

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  1. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    This is a great new series


  2. Anuja Raghavendra says:

    I loved the Alder and Norton part 🤣


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