Chapter 1 of: The Nother World: An Unexpected Landing

Alice and Nathan Caren are siblings, Alice one month younger. And they didn’t have a normal start of the day.

    First, Nathan woke up and shrieked in horror as he saw Bashful, one of the seven dwarfs in the “Snow White” story, towering over him with a thermometer.

    Alice woke up with the sound of Nathan’s shriek, and she fainted when she saw the Snow White beside her. She “knew” this was just a dream.

    After Alice woke up again after her faint, she felt as though her heart stopped beating. Nathan stopped shrieking. It had been five minutes since Alice fainted.

    “You… no…. this…” Alice started, but Snow White put her index finger on her lips.

    “You children were almost the supper of the wolves! We saved you at the last minute. And yes–you are right to be astonished, you are in the Nother World.”

    Nathan and Alice looked at each other. Was this a dream? How was it possible that one minute they were sleeping in their home, the next they were sleeping in a different dimension? This had to be a dream.

    Nathan pinched Alice and she screamed, “Ouch! Nathan!” so there was proof that that wasn’t a dream.

    Sleepy woke up from his nap. “Hi,” he said dreamily and fell back asleep.

    “We are really here?” Alice squealed. Nathan smacked his head.

    “This is impossible!” He whined. Nathan missed home already. He was never a fan of fairy tales, and this pop-out didn’t help.

    “No it’s not, there’s a difference from your world and the Nother World,” Snow White explained, making gestures to the dwarfs to go away. “Right now we are in the Dwarf Villages. This was where I hid from the Evil Queen.”

    “Wait a second, are we at the part where Snow White eats the poison apple?” Alice squeals to Nathan. “Because if we are, do not eat any apple an old lady gives you.” Alice was too scared of Snow White eating the apple that she didn’t even squeal this time.

    Nathan shrugged.

    “No, no my darlings–I’m already married and have updates all over the Dwarf Villages!” she made a hand movement to show the whole room. Alice squeals again when Snow White called, “King Charming! Oh David!”

    A handsome soldier-like guy comes swaggering in the room. “Why, they are up!” he exclaims. His armor was tight on his shoulder like he just came back from war. He sat down on the corner of the four-poster bed.

    Alice and Nathan just realized how different the Dwarf House was now than it was in the stories they’d read. In the stories, the house was always messy and was made of dirt, now, it was totally changed. They were sure it got turned into a castle. The floors were marble, and the walls were the shiniest white the Caren siblings (let’s just say sibs) had ever seen. There was a glass door in the room, and they could see through it a great big hallway that was long and majestic, and on the walls were paintings of the greats. At the end of the hallway was a door, which on the top of it was a golden plaque that read: Royal Library In Memory of Jell White. The sibs could tell that Jell White was an important person. Next to the door was a long and curvy staircase that had a red carpet placed all along it.

    “Umm, Queen Snow? If I may call you Queen Snow,” Alice asked. Snow White nodded. “Who was Jell White, if you don’t mind my wonders?” It was a question that certainly didn’t please Queen Snow in any way whatsoever.

    “Jell White was my mother, darling,” Queen Snow said sadly. “The Evil Queen murdered her so that she’d have great power over me. But she loved reading, so I gave the library to her.”

    The sibs exchanged glances. This was nothing like the story. Had the stories been converted over time? Had they possibly been getting them wrong?

    King David moved closer to the sibs. “For as much as I can remember, the Evil Queen is still in for the strike,” The king said hesitantly. “We have more guards then ever; it was terrifying when I saw you two outside lying face flat on the ground. If the Evil Queen noticed you both out there, she would have cursed you worse than Queen Snow’s! The wolves almost had you in there, as well; also, do you have any idea of how you got into this world?”

    The sibs were so shocked with all this sudden news their jaws were dropped almost touching their chests. They quickly recovered and shook their heads. “I was sleeping in my bed one minute, and then the next minute I was being treated by a dwa–” Nathan stopped after noticing Alice.

    She quickly got out of the bed and noticed her shoes close by, so she wore them, and then realized that everyone was staring at her.

    “What?” She said and rolled her eyes. “Oh, so Nathan, you don’t realize that we’re invading the king and queen’s private chambers? Come on, Nathan, we’re eleven-year-olds! Shouldn’t you get out of their bed?”

    After hearing this Nathan hopped out of the bed and Queen Snow laughed. “Oh, that’s fine, children! But, yes, you guys have your own separate chambers! I decided to give you the one with pink walls, Alice, and Nathan the one with blue walls!”

The sibs looked at each other and then shared a smile with Queen Snow. “That’s so kind of you!” Alice squeaked.

The queen led them out of her chamber and led them up the white stairs. Her face grew a wide smile when she realized her dogs, that’s what the sibs thought, were still sitting where Queen Snow wanted them. One had a pink collar with a tag that said, “Ava” and the other had a blue collar that with a tag that said, “James”.

“You two have been here for more than a day, so I decided to get you two dogs!” Queen Snow clapped her hands as the sibs exchanged excited looks. How nice really was Queen Snow? And living in her palace?

“Thank you so much! Is mine Ava?” Alice quickly asked as Queen Snow nodded. Alice sat next to her brown-and-black German shepherd puppy and Ava happily trotted around her.

“Thanks, Snow! That was so–Queen Snow, sorry–But that was so nice of you!” He ran over to his black dutch shepherd puppy and cuddled it happily. James licked his hand.

Queen Snow was happy to see the sibs happy, but she tapped their shoulders to get up and follow her up another flight of stairs. They picked up their puppies and did so.

“We had enough time to get beds in there and dog beds–pink for Ava, blue for James–desks, chairs, and I had some extra clothes from when I was a girl that–” Queen Snow was interrupted by Nathan’s gape.

“I’m not wearing girl clothes! Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have come here,” he pouted, and Alice giggled.

“I’m not finished yet!” Queen Snow laughed. “I had some extra clothes from when I was little that Alice could wear! For you, King David was kind enough to lend some clothes when he was a boy,” Queen Snow looked at Nathan. “Happy?”

“Very!” He chuckled, but no one laughed with him.

“That’s amazing! We get to wear your guys’s clothes!” Alice squealed, excited.

The chambers were right next to each other, and when they opened the doors to their chambers, their jaws dropped. Their rooms were twice the size of their kitchen, technically their kitchen and living room combined, and they had a whole balcony view. The sibs almost dropped their pups looking at it.

“Thank you so much!” Alice said softly, close to a whisper. Tears streamed down her face like rivers. She gave Queen Snow a tight hug but then remembered that she was hugging a queen. The queen laughed again.

“Oh, it’s nothing much,” she said sarcastically, since she new their world was much different.

“I know this is a little sudden, but do you have any idea of when you’ll ever be expecting, because you look like you have aged for one?” Alice asked, and Nathan would’ve if he wasn’t playing with James.

“Oh, I always wanted a child, but the Evil Queen cursed me to never give birth,” Queen Snow explained with tragic sounding in her voice. She was obviously very sad from this turn out.

All of a sudden, a palace guard approached the queen with beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. “Your Majesty,” He said, out of breath, “There’s a note for you.” He handed her a script and Alice and Nathan looked over to see what it said:

From the king and queen of Slipper Towns, the message was sent for a ball happening after 5 years.

   It was that Cinderella has discovered that she is expecting.

      The ball will be tonight in the palace at 6:oo sharp.

    We have heard about the lost children you’ve found, please bring them as well.

                    Their Majesties,                                               Queen Cinderella and King Henry       

    Alice fainted. Cinderella was her favorite of all princesses, and she was going to meet her. A few minutes later she woke up, a guard, her brother, and a queen towering over her. “Sorry,” she quickly apologized. “It’s just that, Cinderella’s my… my hero… and I get to see her…” She was basically whispering.

    “Why is that place called Slipper Towns? Couldn’t they come up with a better name?” Nathan asked. He obviously didn’t care about meeting the Cinderella.

    “Oh, I know!” Alice piped up. “It’s because of the glass slipper, the one that Cinderella ‘forgot’ at the stairs!” Alice had to agree that it was a childish name for a whole place, but who cares? she thought.

    “It’s like our name,” Queen Snow explained as the guard walked away. “The Dwarf Villages. It’s based on my story.”

    The sibs looked at each other, knowing what the other was thinking. “Well, it is five ‘o clock,” Alice smiled. “We should be getting ready.”

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  1. Munshareh says:

    Aairah, this is beautiful! Just started reading them but they are so engrossing that I am sure I will be done in no time! I specially love the titles to the stories!!!


    1. Aairah Baig says:

      Thanks Munshu Aapi! It means a lot


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