Story 4 of The Cat Trap: A Journey Ahead

“If you keep shaking, I am actually gonna tear your head off.”

I mean, I’d personally like that. It wasn’t everyday when your owner gets stolen by some random guy with a stupid name called “Balelo”.

“Honestly, Gretchen, I don’t care.” My insides clenched together as I sat on the edge of the pond with Gretchen. She looked so surprisingly good (come on, Archie, she always does), that it was so weird for her to be listening to me babbling about Kayla Girl. “I just lost my, like, best companion and now I have no one.”

“You have me,” Gretchen replied, nuzzling my neck. She looked tired, mostly, but trusting, and yet, perfectly fine. “And Toaster. And Coal. And Decks–“

“Decks is not my friend,” I said quickly–maybe a little too quickly. I could feel my cheeks burn, which was dumb. He was just another cavern cat.

Except that was completely wrong. He had no scars, he was clean, and was perfectly normal. Oh, and by the way–my eye is actually healed! I can see through it normally, I look normal, everything is back to normal! I am the same, tabby me!

Decks is a grey tabby cat. He is very slim, and I met him in the cavern, just strolling; not really doing much of anything. It was when I had seen a cockroach just sitting next to me when I screamed. And Decks killed it with his paw. I started to talk to him after, and I even told Igor to move my food bowl next to his. So, let’s say that it’s fair when Gretchen mentioned Decks.

But of course she had to say that when Decks was coming over to me! OF COURSE! “Hi, Archie. Hi… uh…”

“Gretchen,” Gretchen replied, clearly offended. “And you are Decks.”

“Uh, yes… that’s… uh… correct,” Decks stammered. I could see the nervousness in his green eyes as he sat oh-so-close to me. “How do you know my… name?”

“Oh, Archie talks about you all the time,” Gretchen replied, muffling a laugh when I blushed and mouthed to her, “Shut up!”

Decks laughed. “Archie’s, like, my best friend. So it makes sense.” Gretchen cringed, probably because I was her best friend… so… awkward. But still. I’m his best friend? I’m Toaster’s best friend? I’m Gretchen’s best friend?

“Okay, so… I didn’t come here for no reason.” Decks sighed. “Archie, I expected that you would be by yourself, but… I have something to tell you.” He breathed in an endless amount of thick air, more of which I could not tell was fake or not.

“Geez, it can’t be that scary,” Gretchen groaned, licking her paws furiously. “I remember when Mother Jane would say–“

“That life is never scary, just a mist of everything that happened.” Decks and Gretchen said together and laughed. I was so confused. Who’s Mother Jane?

“Uh, who’s Mother Jane?” I asked, eyeing Gretchen with a brow shot up as she burst into a fit of giggles.

“She was a really fat cat who Igor absolutely hated.” Gretchen said, blinking her eyes from tears of laughter. My mind immediately triggered to the cat I saw on my first day. She seemed so nice.

“I remember her, fat and stubby, from the first day. Igor was yelling at it.” I replied, a chill running down my spine. The way he captured her in a fishing net, the way he yelled at her… it was nothing like the real Igor.

“Ok, so I came here to tell you…” Decks sucked in the deepest breath of all breaths. “I can fly.”

And with that intimidating sentence, he bolted into the sky like a rocket, literally holding me tight against his chest.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I screamed, thrashing and flailing everywhere until he landed me on the ground. “How can you fly?!”

“I have no clue. But I figured I could help with the Kayla Girl situation.” I told him about that. I knew that I should include Toaster, but we were kinda in a fight and I was nervous around him.

“Of course!” I smiled so wide, I was sure Gretchen and Decks could hear me.

“That is amazing, Decks!” Gretchen squealed looking in the sky and back at Decks. Twice.

“We need to start. He went… that way.” And I pointed my nose to the left. We all started to trot, our hopes raised and chests puffed. I walked in the middle of Decks and Gretchen, not one bit ready for this challenge, but every bit ready to rescue Kayla Girl. And however long it took, I was not going to let Balelo do anything, no, nothing to Kayla Girl. The one girl that I was really fond with.

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