The Back Story of The Cat Trap Series: A Day in the Life As a Cat

I am a friendly cat, in need of friends! Friendly, yes, but I don’t have friends. All of my fellow cats already went to their homes! I think it’s called uh-dopt-ing. Yes, adopting. I am left alone wandering this strange area, which is, by far the smallest area I have been in (this place has really small litter boxes and it is a problem). One day I woke up from my daily nap, that I can’t miss because it is VERY important, and a big fat lady was in front of the counter of this other lady who ‘works’ here. The big lady asked the ‘work’ lady, “Ms. Humfy, are there any dogs around?” and that’s how I figured out that the nice lady behind the counter has a name! And her name is the Humfy Lady. Honestly, how do humans make up such good names? After Humfy Lady showed Big Fat Lady where those things called ‘dogs’ were, She came over to check on us cats. Well, it was mostly just me and Old McKat (my great catpa). Humfy Lady opened the gate of my small fenced area and I was so excited! Maybe she was going to let me run around outside and burn off some energy. I learned that phrase from Humfy Lady, who was talking to a man about dogs and dog supplies. But then she closed the gate behind her! I was really sad. At least she came over and crouched next to me. I rolled over on my back so she could rub my tummy. Aaaah, yes, that feels sooo good. Yes, keep rubbing! Soon I fell asleep and when I woke up after a couple hours, my meat bowl was full of tuna! I ran over to it and started licking and licking and licking, until all of the tuna chunks were piled up in my stomach. I kind of wanted to stay in this little area with Humfy Lady! Except, I wanted to play and spend my time with someone free ALL the time. Like old people! No, little kiddies! And that’s when I figured out something TREMENDOUS! I had a name! Can you believe that? I had an actual, breath-taking name that I savor so much! Humfy Lady was refilling my drink bowl with hot milk when she called to me, “Archie! Over here, come drink your milk!” I obviously listened and gulped all of my milk in seconds. But as I was lapping up the final drops, I realized that a cute little girl and a nice lady were watching me with warm smiles spread across their faces. Then Humfy Lady saw them too and dashed out of my little pen to go talk to Cute Girl and Nice Lady (mostly Nice Lady). I then heard my name in their conversation! And so I listened more, and then heard that word again! ADOPTING! Cute Girl ran up to my pen and swung the gate open and Nice Lady followed slowly behind her. Cute Girl screamed, “Oooh, this one, Mommy! Please? Please?” Well apparently Nice Lady’s real name is Mommy Lady. That’s awesome news! “Alright, Kayla. Ms. Humfy, we will take… Archie.” When I heard my name I jumped on, apparently, Kayla Girl and she took me in her arms. Her arms were squishy, though, but I lay there comfortably as Mommy Lady and Kayla Girl rubbed my tummy, my back… and do probably every other thing a cat would dream of. After that Mommy Lady gave Humfy Lady a green slip of paper. And another. And another! Then, I was put into a large, white carrier and as I looked through the tiny slits in my carrier, I could see we were outside! It was so fresh. And Kayla Girl was so excited! She kept saying, “Archie, Archie, Archie!” over and over again. Then we were in a large moving area! I was scared at this point so I started squirming like crazy. I could feel my after-nap-tuna rise up in my throat, and then go back down again. Kayla Girl reported this to Mommy Lady, which I was very grateful for since she swerved the moving thing into a sidewalk a couple minutes later. Wait, no, a driveway! We were outside again. Then a new smell lifted into my lungs. It was bitter-sweet. I loved it! Someone opened my carrier and I was opened to a new area! I was so excited to explore. Kayla Girl called, “Daddy! Come see Archie!” and Daddy Man came swaggering through the hall! Then I realized that this was my new home! I was at the stage where all the other cats were at! I couldn’t wait to explore. This would be AMAZING! I started sniffing a fluffy large sitting area, I think called a ‘sofa’. I jumped on it and it was SO soft! I fell asleep after a few minutes by the warm pets from Kayla Girl’s squishy hands. Me and Kayla Girl would have the best time ever. I am gonna love my new family before I know it! And now I know where I really DO belong.

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