Story 3 of The Cat Trap: The Truth

    I have had many, many, many, many weird, unexpected moments in my life (uh, you would’ve guessed by now), but meeting him… never mind. It’s… strange.

    As you know, Toaster is in his little hideout under the building that I am currently sitting in. I feel so bad for him! I even sneaked in and tried sleeping with him for a night, but he has good scent, even when he is sleeping.

    I somehow found a cozy spot in the depths of the cavern, which Coal (the name of that grubby, short black cat) had personally made for me, with soft leaves and bird feathers and twigs surrounding it.

    Oh right. Why do you have to be so snappy about my eye? I am totally fine. It’s just… well, at least I can spy on Igor just fine. Even with one eye. But that eye has very, very good eyesight.

    There was one tremendous thing that surprised me so much that Gretchen (my new kinda best friend I made in the cavern) had to take me to the pond because I felt like vomiting. And it was really, really a crazy thought.

    I never wanted to leave this gloomy home.

    I know, right? Crazy beans! Well, now I figured out why in the cat world Hector had to scratch my eye. Because Igor was even better than Kayla Girl and Daddy Man and Mommy Lady.

    Maybe I am going nuts. I mean, that’s what Toaster said. He even said for me to go back home and leave the rescuing to him! But no, I love Igor!

    He’s always feeding me. Caring for me. Entertaining me. We even pretend that we’re flying in the sky–he picks me up and spins me around!

    “Maybe I could live with you guys!” I told Gretchen one Sunday morning when we were playing with dusty handmade balls. They were the only ones that Igor could afford to make–and he gave them to me.

    “I would hope that. But your dog-friend is such a slob,” Gretchen replied, nudging her paw and bouncing the ball back to me.

    “I agree,” I said. I couldn’t believe it! Did I just contradict Toaster, my first ever buddy?! “But I mean, he has the right to worry about me.” I glanced over at a sleeping Hector.

    “Yeah, I guess. I mean, I hate Hector too, Archie,” Gretchen didn’t look up at me as she licked her gray fur, her green eyes flashing. I patted the soft ball towards her. “Still, I also hate Toaster.”

    “What? Why?” Gretchen scooted the ball so that it stopped between my legs, but I didn’t get it. I just stared at her intendedly.

    Gretchen was the kind of cat that was so kind and friendly. She chose friends very wisely (I am her number one friend), and I would never have expected her to be interested in gossip and hatred.

    Gretchen shrugged. “He hates Igor, and he regrets letting you stay with us. You know, when Blubo went out to tell him everything, and advised for you to stay and sleep with us for the next few days? Until that eye of yours is healed?” Gretchen looked down at her paws and kicked the ground. “He thinks you’re nuts about what you think about Igor. I mean, he never has had any contact with Igor.”

    “You know what, I have made my decision.” I passed the ball to Gretchen, who gave me a confused face. “I am staying here forever.” As soon as the words fell out of my mouth, I wanted to suck them back in. Because it had to be at that very second that Toaster had entered the room (Igor isn’t home on Sundays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).

    “Archie, don’t tell me you said what I heard.” Toaster trotted up to me, a big frown plastered on his face. He looked Gretchen up and down, until finally she cringed.

    “Told you he is a slob,” Gretchen whispered really quietly to me, and I had to use all of my muscles to hold back a smile. Gretchen has this way of doing things where she can make you burst into a fit of giggles even in the worst conditions.

    “Toaster, did you realize that you just interrupted Gretchen and I’s Mega Ball Hand Game?” I answered quickly, changing the subject. Gretchen snickered. “We were having a private conversation–”

    “And you were talking about staying here forever!” Toaster growled. “Don’t you dare think to fool me. You are going nuts ever since Hector scratched your eye. In fact, I think that’s what caused your stupidity.” and with that, he stomped away.

I froze. My body shivered with guilt to what had just happened. Did Toaster, my best buddy, just call me stupid?
    “That was intense,” Gretchen said, lying on her side and sighing as the door creaked open again. But this time, it was Igor.

    He had a large tan coat with pockets splattered everywhere you looked, and his jet-black hair was slicked back with gel. He had striking blue eyes, which comforted me whenever I saw him, and even more when he talked in that warm, soft tone. I had always wondered why he had yelled at that other cat–maybe she was… not behaving nicely (plus he wasn’t this good-looking)?

    “Why is he here right now?” I whispered to Gretchen as I looked Igor up and down. Nothing suspicious (yet). Gretchen shrugged her fluffed-up shoulders.

    “Archie! Oh, how I missed you.” As Toaster had said, Igor understood cats, so I could tell him anything. “How are you, Sweet Claws?”

    I rubbed his legs and curled my tail around him, claiming him mine. “Awesome,” I answered. He stroked my back and I fell on my side, purring happily as he crouched down to pet me and Gretchen.

    I never knew that right now, I was having the time of my life. I also never knew that Kayla Girl was putting up signs on the trees of me being missing, until I had a walk outside with Gretchen. They looked like this:

Chat, Noir - Images gratuites sur Pixabay

            Have You Seen This Cat?

  This cat’s name is Archie. She is a brown tabby and ran away at an unknown time. Please contact us if you see her:   

               Call 436-783-9041


         $5.00 for rescuing her & contacting us

    I skidded behind another tree. This was dangerous. What if she… caught me?

    “What’s up?” Gretchen asked, leaning over my shoulder to get a better look. I silenced her, and she trotted away towards the pond.

    A bleak boy in a bright green tunic and plain pants strolled up the path, eyes locked with Kayla Girl’s. He had chocolate brown hair. He smiled, showing deep dimples in his pure white skin.

    “Balelo?” was the little squeak I heard from Kayla Girl before she got tucked away in a large, tan cotton bag which Balelo held up. It was so sudden, I barely had time to howl.

    He snickered as he walked away, unnoticed. With my Kayla Girl.

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  1. I am waiting for book 4 to come out


  2. I am waiting for book 4 to come out. Hope it comes soon


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