Story 1 of The Cat Trap

Saturday is my favorite day. Duh, since Kayla Girl, Mommy Lady, and Daddy Man (my family and owners) are all home! For the whole day! It’s awesome. We all play board games (I don’t play it, though, since I don’t know how to play it), and it is actually not boring for my family! We even dance around with this singing box, which Mommy Lady calls a Karaoke! My favorite time of the day, though, is when we play ‘Ball’. Someone throws a small, green ball (I think called a tennis ball) and I chase after it! I know, right? So much fun. And then I bring it back to them! Well, it’s mostly Daddy Man who I bring it back to… Anyways, today wasn’t that fun. I was actually bored! And it was a Saturday! I don’t know what decreased my family’s spirit. So, I went outside through my very own cat door. The air was so fresh! It was the perfect weather to run with the wind. Then, I had a great idea! I could go find a friend for me to play with! I forgot all about what Mommy Lady had told me the first time I went outside–Don’t go far! So, I went past several homes including dogs (this is where I picked up speed), other cats, and, to my surprise, ferrets. I kept my eyes locked with the house a couple blocks away; broken wood slacks, holes in the roof, grey grass on its yard… it didn’t match the other homes at all! That explains why it is hidden in the corner, I thought as I trotted slowly towards the big mess. My ears laid flat against my head and I ducked under a wide wooden slack below the house as a huge fishing net swayed above me. “Wherehaveyoubeenareyoucrazywhathappened?” a big man with muscles the size of me shrieked. I shivered as a large, fat cat appeared out of a bush, quickly captured in the strings of the fishing net. “Note to never let you out again!” the man yelled and several people walking past the streets looked over. I didn’t know why I came here. I wanted Kayla Girl more than ever. Why did I leave home? Would I end up like the cat that got captured? As soon as I heard the man’s wooden door slam above me, I skidded across his yard, heading straight for home and not looking back. Except I stopped as soon as I saw a small little puppy the size of me tumble down his home’s patio. “Are you alright?” I asked, nudging him up from his fall. He shook some grass strands off of his body. “Yeah, just a little fall. Who are you?” he asked, cocking his head and licking his chops. “Me? Archie. You?” He gave me a face of disgust and then spoke. “Well, nice to meet you… Archie. I’m Toaster.” Toaster was a great name to describe him, actually. He was a chocolate brown lab, mixed with the most creamiest tan in the world, which made a creamy, soft milk chocolate color like he was toasted. I decided, since he was next door to that creepy man’s house, to ask Toaster what that man’s name was. “Oh, you don’t wanna know…” He said with a shiver after I asked him. I nodded yes, which made his fierce face turn into a face of terror. “Ok, fine. But don’t tell anybody–not even a fellow cat. He can understand cats.” I shivered once more and remembered the man yelling at that poor cat and capturing her in a fishing net. But I nodded, which took most of my strength to do. It was a heavy decision to make, but I knew that it might change something. In my head, I was plotting something. Something big. Maybe even rescuing all those cats the man probably captured. Wait… that’s too big. “Whoa, you are one brave cat. This name, it’s like a death wish.” Toaster’s words rang in my ears like a bell. Death wish. Death wish. Death wish. “And I mean it,” he continued. “It will haunt you for all it’s worth… you’re not sure, are you?” It was like deciding whether or not I want to keep my life. Which, it kind of was. It took me a second to realize Toaster was still there, and another to realize he wanted an answer. I wasn’t sure, since I knew that I was going to regret this decision. This brave dog, who fell from several feet high and said it was just a tiny fall, was afraid of this name, and even called it a death wish? I would be scarred for life if I knew this man’s name–even though it’s weird, since it’s just a name, but it’s apparently also a death wish. I was so, so, so dumb when I did this. I wish I clawed my eye out after. But I nodded, I actually nodded. Toaster was as surprised as I was when I did this, so I was about to shake my head and tell him it was a mistake, but here’s what came out instead: “I am sure.” I don’t know what just happened to me. What happened to the excited, giddy me? The happy Archie? My life just twisted from happiness and merriment to sorrow and fear. I still couldn’t believe such a brave dog was afraid of it. I would be way, way to afraid! Toaster ducked low, and I did the same. “Alright then? Well… I guess… listen up.” He started panting heavily, his tongue lolling out of his mouth and drool dripping from the sides. “His name is…” I waited for a devastating theme, like lightning bolts shooting out of the sky or a rumble on the ground, but all I heard was the tiny squeak of Toaster’s voice. “Igor Death.” It was so simple, I didn’t get how it could be a death wish. Yes, the last name… but, it wasn’t that scary… until my lungs tightened up and the last thing I saw was Toaster’s jaw dropping as I passed out.

Minutes and Minutes and Minutes Later…

I woke up, water streaming down my body as I look over to where Toaster was sitting, a huge puddle of water sitting beside him. “Oh lord you are actually awake!” He shrieked and jumped on me, licking my fur furiously. “Whatwherehowwhen?” I could feel my face, thankfully, and then found my voice. “Where’d you get all this… water?” He stopped licking me and pointed his muzzle towards a long tube. “I know how to use my family’s hose,” he explained. “So I made a puddle on the grass and started splashing you with it!” I got up and shook my body. Questions swirled around in my brain, and I had no clue of which ones to ask and which ones to keep in mind. Then, I encountered one question that ruled all of them. “How did this happen?” I meowed, brushing my fur with my rough tongue. Toaster obviously didn’t want me to ask that. “Well, you know how I was talking about death wishes and all? His name can make someone die. Thank goodness you awoke, though!” I shook my head. Didn’t he understand? “Why didn’t you tell me before? A name can’t make someone choke!” His giddy face turned into a scowl and he stared off into space, deep in thought. “It happened to me, once.” he whispered. “We have got to figure this out!” My mind whirled with all the trouble we would get into, but then it focused on my family. Sitting in the living room and watching the news. Reading books. This would be the right thing to do to change their moods! “I’m in if you’re in,” I declared, finally not afraid at all of the name ‘Igor Death’ anymore. If I just breathe, if I just have hope–me and Toaster might just find out what exactly happened to Igor. Rescue the cats he might have captured. Make Igor care. We will find out what made this all happen–even if that means me and Toaster will be leaving our families for a while–and we won’t stop once to look back, even if our families are calling for us. This was our duty–whether we liked it or not–and we would fulfill it.


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  1. Aatif Aquil says:

    Amaaaazing page turner or should I say scroll downer … can’t wait for the next story in the series …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aairahbaig says:

      I am making the next book, Khalu! Thank you.


  2. Aaliyah says:

    Aairah Aapi my mommy read this to me tonight! It’s such an exciting story full of suspense and I can’t wait to find out what happens next! You should get it published s o all my friends can also read it.
    Love Aaliyah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aairahbaig says:

      Thanks Aaliyah! It basically is already published, since it’s on a website. Did you read all of the stories? I am writing the 4th Cat Trap story! I hope you like it. I am working super-duper hard on them!


  3. I love your books too Aairah, you should ask your mom to post your website on social media so that lots of people can see your stories


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