Another Archie Story! The French Fry and the Cat

I was such a lonely and bored cat. Kayla Girl And Mommy Lady and Daddy Man all left me to go to the mall (A shopping place)! Kayla Girl insisted I come, but no pets are allowed. I was really sad. So I slept to pass the time, but when I woke up, my family still hadn’t come back! I wondered if all cats felt this way. I slept some more, maybe for a couple of hours, and they still weren’t back when I woke up! I was super mad at them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them anymore, since I do, a lot! So I decided to look at what’s going on outside. I gazed out these clear frames, which Daddy Man kept calling ‘windows’. It was so cool! I never had these things back with Humfy Lady. I miss her a lot. I bet she misses me, too. She would always come to me when she was sad. Now I was hungry! I knew how to open the fridge, since I have seen Mommy Lady do it tons of times. So, I jumped on the fridge ledge and used my teeth to pull it open. Yay! It worked! Except something was moving in there. It was a short stick, which was yellowish-orange. It looked super cool! I wanted to touch it, but it was moving way too fast for my paw to even tap it. It was dancing! I have seen Kayla Girl eat something like these, and she kept saying they were… “French, French, French, French, French Fry!” The fry kept cheering. I knew how to speak, yes, I knew very well. Except, I barely say anything since nobody understands me. But I was so amazed that  I speaked! Can you believe that? I asked, wide eyed, “French Fry, are you dancing?” and French Fry understood me! He answered, “Yes, oh yes, I am; Mighty Cat, I am very lonely. Will you be my friend?” And I answered yes! French Fry hopped out of the fridge and started dancing across the floor. I made a real friend! I followed his moves until I saw crumbs falling off of his back! “French Fry! You are disintegrating!” I announced and French Fry yowled in pain and fear. He started dancing like he was caught on fire. “Quick, give me some French Glue!” He said, and then I was really afraid. We didn’t have French Glue! I mean, I don’t know what that is, but we don’t live in French. I mean, France! “How do you make it?” I asked, and then I realized something horrible–French Fry hated that recipe. “Alright, pick up a fourth of a pawful of my crumbs, and mix it with normal glue…” French Fry said, and did a dramatic pose. I meowed. “Why would I do that? You’re my friend.” and he said, “You are doing this to save me.” I was going to argue, but then I knew he was right. As I tried scooping up some of his crumbs, French Fry asked, “What is your name, Mighty Cat?” I was confused. At first I thought that I already had told him, but I said anyways, “Archie is my name. May I call you Fry, for short?” and he quickly answered “Alright.” I quickly focused back on scooping up his crumbs which kept falling. After I got a fourth of the crumbs on my paw (which Fry had helped me with, since I have no clue what  ‘a fourth’ means), I spotted a bottle on the top of the counter which had the words “Elmer’s Glue” written on them. Kayla Girl likes to use it to make this sticky substance, which she likes to play with, called ‘slime’. “Who’s Elmer?” Fry asked, still running in circles. “I have no clue!” I answered, and then realized something horrible–the cap was tightly closed!  “How am I supposed to open that ?” I asked Fry, fear flashing in my eyes. Then, after a few seconds, I heard him mumbling, “Believe…..BELIEVE!!” And he continued running in circles. How could he leave me in this mess?  I thought. I guess I will have to ‘believe’– whatever that means. I started to wiggle my butt, bend down a few inches… and KAZAM! I was on top of the counter for the first time of my life! I could see everything from up there–the clock ticking, the table, the top of the fridge (which would be interesting to explore). But then, of course, no time to spare! I carefully dumped Fry’s crumbs on the counter surface, now putting all of my force into cracking open the glue bottle. Elmer, watch out — this is gonna hurt. And I did my Ninja Cat  move! I sprang on top of the bottle, biting and kicking and scratching! I could feel my temper rise up… and then SNAP! The cap flung across the kitchen– I tried to muffle a laugh for this one– and landed on top of Fry’s head! He couldn’t see, but I could hear his muffled cries for ‘Help!’ as I smacked the bottle on it’s side and glue spilled onto the crumbs, the counter, and on my paw. I dabbed my paw in the Glue-French Fry Mix (the French Glue) and padded along the counter, leaving pawprints of glue on the surface as I leaped down. I rubbed all the glue that was on my paw on Fry’s back, patted off the glue cap that was sitting on his head, and nudged him into a teeny-weeny hug after the crumbs stopped falling off of his back. “Thank you, Archie. You are a great friend,” Fry added and pulled away. “You are too, Fry–” But I was cut short because I heard a familiar noise; the garage opening! My family was back! “Quick! Hide under the fridge!” I told Fry, and nudged him under it. He panicked, and I told him it would be alright. Then I heard Kayla Girl squeal through the door and head into the kitchen, as I sat contentedly, watching her drop four plastic bags (with stuff in them) to the ground. “Aww, Archie, how are you doing–” Then her jaw dropped so wide it almost touched her chest. Mommy Lady and Daddy Man came into the kitchen and had the same expression laid on their faces. I could see from the corner of my eye that Fry was trying hard not to laugh. “I guess we aren’t leaving you home alone again, Arch-Arch.” Mommy Lady burst into laughter, followed by Kayla Girl and Daddy Man, as they looked at the glue pawprints. I loved this family, especially because they are always happy to see each other, be with each other, and laugh with each other. I knew that Fry would love being with us (as long as I don’t let Mommy Lady throw him away when she finds him lying on the ground). We would be best friends–and I never would be bored or lonely again! I knew my life took an epic turn and I am very grateful for it. I am glad that I have Fry and Kayla Girl and Mommy Lady and Daddy Man. And so, as I trotted towards their laughing bodies, I purred as loudly as I could as Kayla Girl picked me up into her squishy hands.                                                          

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  1. Samus says:

    Very beautifully written Aairah! Great work. To make such an interesting story out of a disintegrating French fry and a home alone cat takes true talent! Keep writing!!
    – khala


    1. aairahbaig says:

      Thank you so much Khala! I am actually writing a 4th book of the Cat Trap NOW!!


      1. Aaliyah says:

        Aairah aapi,
        I read all your stories. I loved them!
        I can’t wait for your next story!

        Liked by 1 person

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